Editing Wildlife in Lightroom

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Tony Northrup says:

    Chelsea demonstrates how to make your wildlife shots pop with Adobe
    Lightroom! Feel free to share!

  2. perfectforehand says:

    Is keeping the fish’s tail considered a poor composition?

  3. John Campbell says:

    Thanks, Chelsea. I’m looking forward to the ‘noise’ tutorial. I always do
    it last and by the time i get there I’m usually pretty tired of
    processing. I always rush through the ‘noise’ portion. I have much to
    learn there.

    For the couple of you hating on the crop: it’s subjective. Choices were
    made. I like the closer view and the negative space the Osprey is looking
    into, guarding his catch.. I can live without the fish tail. Nothing lost
    there I.M.O..

  4. desk0z says:

    The background looks definitely fake to me. The overall editing is good.

  5. Ricky L Jones says:

    Nice job Chels!

  6. Bikezilla Bz says:

    One thing you and tony have helped me with even more than my own work, is
    understanding why i like or dislike certain work.

    For instance, on flickr i follow two guys who do mostly bird photography.
    While they put up pictures that seem very similar, I consistently like one
    guy’s pic much more than the others.

    Why? The one guy always shoots in hard light and he always shoots from the
    sunny side of the bird. The other doesn’t. I only can see and understand
    that because of things tony has said.

    Since first watching this video I can finally see that the same guy also
    does far better post processing, especially to dark areas and to eyes.

    i still find bird photography very intimidating and frustrating. but at
    least i have the beginning of an understanding of what can make it better.

    thank you both

  7. Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials By FallingKnowledge.com says:

    Soooooo glad i got a chance to see this tutorial … you really woke me up
    and made me realize that editing is a very fine process that takes time and
    you need to treat each picture with care and time … thanks!


  8. Nico BAYLOT says:

    I totally disagree with your cropping: why did you cut out the tail of the
    bird and why did you cut out the fish?!

  9. gamwpanagia says:

    Would moving up the color slider reduce the noise in daylight photography?I
    only tried it in astro.

  10. Paul Wood says:

    How did you move the photo around when you were zoomed in?

  11. bayricker says:

    Did you start with RAW or JPEG and which do you normally shoot?

  12. Brian Stalter says:

    Can you share what software you are using to do your screen capturing?

  13. Fernando Arias says:

    Excelente trabajo de edición! | Excellent editing job! 🙂

    I personally like to bring up the clarity a bit when processing feathers.

    Greetings from Guatemala! You should come down here. The wildlife is
    amazing. You’d be amazed while visiting our tropical forests.

    Best wishes,

    Fernando Arias
    CACAO producciones
    You can see my work on Instagram: @cacaoproducciones

    Blessings to both of you!

  14. Nick Hoffman says:

    I don’t think I would have cropped the image as much because I think you
    lose a lot of perspective and you lose out on some of the “story” that the
    image is portraying.

  15. Barbara Ricker says:

    Thanks so much for the tips. Also I want to tell you how much I appreciate
    the sharing you do even though people give you crap about your choices. To
    each his own crop. I learned a lot.

  16. Bikezilla Bz says:

    I never realized how much cropping was done. I figured, “they have great
    equipment, super-long high quality lenses, they probably do this so much
    they get right “on top” of these birds.” Thank you. You’ve just reduced the
    amount of stress and anxiety caused by the idea of learning bird

    Now I need Lightroom

  17. J Biggs says:

    Great Tips! You had more than a few tricks that add to my lightroom

  18. RWJonesAIC says:

    Hi Chelsea,

    I really liked how you did a very quick critique of the photo’s problems
    before you started. It helped me follow the reasoning behind your
    approach. And by the way, I didn’t think the original photo was a “mess”.
    I thought it looked like most of my work before I read your books. ;)

  19. Will Lonsdale says:

    Good edit, although I have to disagree with the crop. Cutting off the tail
    of the bird I could possibly deal with but the fish tail is pretty much the
    most identifying part of the animal and I feel the image loses something…

  20. Moonstone Koi says:

    Excellent tutorial. Chelsea can you tell me about your stylus and track pad
    set up that you use for editing? I get “the claw” from using a mouse while
    editing and it looks like your set up could be helpful for fine detail and
    accuracy. thanks.

  21. Phil Munro says:

    Hey girl…don’t apologise just keep doing what you and Tony do…:)

  22. BLEURfangers says:

    Nice..! This taught me how to subtly tweak some of my near-miss images so
    as not to have them appear over processed. Thanks, Chelsea.

  23. David Robertson says:

    Thank you for this video …. I learned a great deal, and I really
    appreciate that you ask your followers to submit ideas. Perhaps one day you
    will do a video on printing techniques .. for example the photo of the
    Osprey and the trout — the choices you would make as to paper & the
    process you would use to set up the printer &/or the variances available in
    your Photoshop software ie printer or software to make the decision, and
    how one cancels out the other. I suppose it’s all trial and error, but I
    would sure like to know Chelsea has a ‘foolproof’ method for printing.

  24. fishes271 says:

    I don’t really like the blue sky, it looks more natural without. But great

  25. Ernesto Sanchez says:

    Excellent video! I really doubt that most people would be able to spot an
    altered background if they didn’t actually see the process ; ).

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