Easy Zumba Class

Es un video que te permite hacer ejercicio de una manera fácil y sin aburrirte, y si quieres perder peso también te ayuda, fortaleces brazos , abdomen , piernas , la verdad considero que…

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24 Responses

  1. Danny's Workout says:

    Hi Everyone, make sure to try the other workouts on my channel to vary your
    exercises each week, Enjoy :)

  2. Mariana Silva says:

    Yes i like too

  3. Xavier Guillaume says:

    This guy is amazing! So fun to watch! I may have to try Zumba some day. :)

  4. Prissy Cat says:

    The first day that I came across this video on YouTube and began to learn
    Zumba, I was overwhelmed and thought “Easy?” This is NOT easy! The first
    few days, I didn’t even make it half-way through the lesson. I was
    determined, though, I am so glad I stuck with this class! Today is the
    first day I finished it all the way through the cool-down. I’m 61 years
    old, and I was very tempted to look for a beginner’s class. Although many
    of my steps weren’t correct, I actually managed to keep up. I expect I’ll
    do even better tomorrow and am very proud of myself. BRAVO–outstanding

  5. Paul Marix Reyes says:

    The video is nice, and is really helpful… btw what’s the title of the
    first song? and also if you can send me a link to it i’ll very much
    appreciate it… Thank You :D

  6. Edward Keyte says:

    nice English lesson! Thank you. I will show with my students.

  7. bbg natalie says:

    Please make 30 min more advanced version 

  8. Paola Uranga says:

    wish i could dance like that guy

  9. amanda malikowski says:

    Best video I have found thus far! Just got engaged and needed a fun way to
    drop a few pounds! Thank you!

  10. Rachelle Chaff says:

    I’m subscribing Danny, You are saving lives, ignore negative comments anna
    keep doing you. Thanks! 

  11. Rise Kujikawa says:

    nevermind i figured out whats the first songs name is

    its DJ Wope – zumba

  12. KK Hullinger says:

    Killer workout and I didn’t even get to finish it!

  13. AVSS says:

    Can you also post the song names? Especially the second song with the
    english words “that’s the way i like it” …

  14. millicent carpenter says:

    I am seriously addicted to this video! It’s the only zumba video I’ve found
    on YouTube that gives you the steps and is full length! Please do more like

  15. Ewelina Kossakowska says:

    Zumba is great, and the dance even better.
    I learned almost all the steps and dance.

    Thank you. Polish greets.

  16. jovani santos carlos says:

    Where can I see more videos of this guy, anyone can pass me your

  17. Sívylla Araújo says:

    Very Good!


    Merci pour cette vidéo, très bon danseur et chore sympa

  19. Shabiz Bella says:

    Hi.. I love this class! I have been doing it everyday for 2 weeks and I
    lost around 3kgs!! Been to the gym, weight less classes..nothing ever
    worked out so well for me.. However it gets a bit boring doing the same
    steps everyday.. Plz inform if you have other similar videos of 50 mins
    where the steps are well explained and easy! Thanks Loads! God Bless!!

  20. Marye Flores says:
  21. Naomi Porter says:

    Really great video! Thank you for sharing it! I plan to do this several
    times a week.

  22. Sketch Fairy says:

    loved this thanks 

  23. Sez LaK says:

    Looks fun!
    Do you have suggestions/ workouts for small spaces at home?

  24. jp says:

    I don’t know why I came here…but I am so glad I did. I like this guy with
    his accent. He is contagious. I was dancing and laughing. I moving my
    toes,legs head while typing and watching him move his oh so skinny body.
    all I can say is “Work It”

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