Dude transports 22 bricks on his head

Dude transports 22 bricks on his head

Taken in Khulna, Bangladesh.

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25 Responses

  1. Sheppy99 says:

    capitalism is a beautiful thing 

  2. Paul horstmann says:

    Dude transports 22 bricks on his head: http://youtu.be/lV-iP1jSMlI

  3. Rich Jenks says:

    Hows he get em off his head? 

  4. Danil Xu says:

    Olympic should have this event.

  5. Kelly Ghaziya says:

    Wouldnt it be nice if he got $1 from everyone who has viewed this clip,
    then he wouldnt have to do this horrid job!! he probably doesnt even know
    he is famous!

  6. Tanjir BD says:

    Bricks in Bangladesh are literally 3.2-4 kg. Its all about strength and

  7. Daniel C says:

    ok,this is very impressive but wouldnt it be easier if the boat parked side
    by side with the point of unloading?would save 9months of work..just throw
    the fucking bricks to the spot and the guy will catch..fuck people can be
    so fucking stupid..

  8. Stoil Stoilov says:
  9. Pujo Cahyono says:

    Dude transports 22 bricks on his head

  10. Phạm Như-Ý says:

    Vì cuộc sống đã tạo nên cách đội gạch chuyên nghiệp. Một viên gạch mình sử
    dụng đã qua bao nhiêu là công đoạn. Tạ ơn Trời Đất.

  11. Zoltán Földvári says:

    Dude transports 22 bricks on his head

  12. AndyN says:

    Does anyone know how he removes them? Does another person do this?

  13. Solid Lift Parts inc. says:

    Unsafe, yet extremely impressive! #talented #construction #safety
    Dude transports 22 bricks on his head

  14. zXCJCXz says:

    ive seen this before… this dude might have got the natural talent…
    where he carries a ton of bricks on top of his skull wonder if he’ll be in
    hospital at some point… 

  15. Nancho Alvarez says:
  16. MDBeton says:

    Dude transports 22 bricks on his head

  17. jonf13 says:

    Are these like the bricks we have in the UK??? or are these made out of
    another material?? maybe lighter material?? English brick typically weighs
    2.25KG if he has 22 2.25KG on his head WOW WHAT A LEGEND, I’ve carried 22
    23 KG blocks up 40 stairs, 2400stairs in total by the end of that day, we
    got in over 500, This dude is amazing and I feel HIS PAIN!!!

  18. Oliver Lorenz says:

    The first 10 seconds were impressive … then it got unreal.

  19. B Daniel says:

    You’re pro bro! Big up for Bangladesh! :)

  20. Building Surveyor says:

    Take a load off this weekend


  21. Chad Mandt says:

    What does “Mandt training” mean?

  22. Volker Hoffmann says:
  23. Montabert Attachments says:

    Construction funny: There has to be a better way, but this guy has talent!

  24. PoorDummIdiots says:

    just 50 more trips to go lol.

  25. Ali Sadreddini says:

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