Duct Cleaning Barrie – How Often Should You Get Your Ducts Cleaned?

Ardent heating and Air Conditioning of Barrie Ontario describes the benefits of cleaning your ducts and how Ardent is different than other competitors when it comes to quality duct cleaning….
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3 Responses

  1. Nick Greek says:

    My home is 34 years old..The ducts have never been cleaned even though the
    house underwent a major renovation 12 years ago. 6 years ago I replaced the
    furnace and along with it the plenum and the air return drop. It WAS ALL
    CLEAN as far as I COULD SEE. After doing this for 15 years now
    (residential HVAC) I can tell you one thing about duct cleaning and furnace
    cleaning:If your home is clean everything will be clean..if your home is
    dirty ,the ducts will be dirty and the furnace too NO MATTER what kind of
    filter you’re using..

  2. rachelle abubo says:

    you don’t have to have a lic to clean your ducts,your tech blew dust back
    into the room,portables are fine.your sketchy with your info.

  3. SuperJiggawhat says:

    Hi Jason. I am living in an apt. and notcied that one duct is not working
    at all. The room is where my kids were sleeping so I realy need to fix the
    problem but I am broke. I looked at the furnace and it says the last
    inspection was in 1993!!!! ten years ago. Is my apt manager suppesed to fix
    this problem. I live in Idaho, USA or course lol. Please let me know asap
    if you can, thanks you very much!

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