Dry Ice Bubbles – Cool Halloween Science

Check out this and other cool Halloween science experiments at http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/halloween-science-secrets.html Steve Spangler shows how to add some fun to your Halloween…

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24 Responses

  1. Molon Labe says:

    take away the video and just have the audio playing. it sounds dirty

  2. Gianna Catalfamo says:

    Dry Ice Bubbles – Cool Halloween Science: http://youtu.be/KG-qWeZm-LA

  3. Jequarius Allen says:

    if this isin’t cool i don’t know what is.

  4. Emmalaumimi Rodentz says:

    Me so jelly!!!

  5. Karelle Maquilan says:

    Y am i hungry

  6. Sky Kitten Reviews says:

    we need to do this in science class, and not textbook work

  7. nattakit charoensin says:
  8. DarkendDeakin says:

    what happens if you put the bubble mix inside the container

  9. Monika Toma says:

    ooh be careful, we’ve once made bubble avalange this way in labolatory.
    It’s totaly out of control when you pour soap into water with dry ice.

  10. Gianna C says:

    Dry Ice Bubbles – Cool Halloween Science: http://youtu.be/KG-qWeZm-LA

  11. Linnaeus Kuderewko says:

    You could like use it for fogging effects. OR put it under your bed!

  12. minecraft majesty says:

    Wow now I can play with bubbles without making a mess

  13. Wandy Ducken says:

    I really wanna try making it

  14. I have a certain set of SKILLS says:

    I reeeeeaaaally wanna touch it

  15. toure nurse says:

    I l ths

  16. Vannia Gomez says:


  17. Geth7095 says:

    2:15 woah

  18. Jequarius Allen says:


  19. myth dawn says:

    what’s the yellow thing , may i ask? 

  20. Peter Smythe says:

    “can’t touch it.”

    Eh… debatable. I’ve seen people grab a fistful of it with no ill effects.
    The main thing is that you can’t touch it.. for very long. Unlike water
    ice, which melts into really cold water. CO2 ice melts into really cold
    gas, which doesn’t really do anything to you.

  21. karan kumar says:

    how to create balloon like that someone tell please!!

  22. The Otaku Gam3r says:



  23. Peter Smythe says:

    Oh, other potential danger…. keep in well-ventilated area. CO2 causes
    drowsyness above 1% concentration in the air, and potentially deadly above
    5%, even in sufficient oxygen. 1 kg of dry ice can lethally poison a 2.5
    meter-high sealed room of 6.7 m^2 floorspace. 10 kg of dry ice could do the
    same to a 66.7 m^2 room. That’s about 720 square feet. It gets worse at
    altitude, where the air is less dense. In Denver, it could probably poison
    900 square feet or so to the same extent.

  24. xXFadingShadowXx says:

    awesome :)

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