Dry Ice Boo Bubbles

Order now at http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/product/boo-bubbles Bubbles are cool, everyone knows that but bubbles filled with fog are even cooler! This amazing kit allows you to generate…
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  1. Sick Science! says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out the video. We’ve had comments asking
    about how to hold the boo bubble, and it’s simple. We recommend a glove. As
    long as the bubble doesn’t make contact with your skin (the oils on our
    skin cause the bubbles to pop) you can have loads of fun with the bubble!
    You can even bounce it around! To get Boo Bubbles, order online at the
    Steve Spangler Science website. Here’s a direct link and thanks for
    All you need is the dry ice – check out your local grocery store at the
    customer service center.

  2. Harikesh Murugan says:

    Steve Spangler – dry ice
    boo bubbles

  3. Simplement Syrine says:

    Just simply amazing !

  4. Emily Fox says:


  5. Yen D says:

    this is amazing. i like how he made some demos that has a halloween theme
    to it.

  6. María Fernanda Soto says:

    hi, i have one question. WHY DID THE DRY ICE DIDNT MELT AND EVAPORATED?

  7. joanne pinkham says:

    this is cool

  8. Dunia Jabouri says:

    I need to do that next, I just uploaded a dry ice with warm water

  9. katelyn .b says:

    This was my science fair project and I won out of all the progects !! 

  10. PenguinPatroller says:

    “boo eggs or boo bubbles”

  11. oBrxdley says:
  12. Mohamed Ali says:

    Thx i live in tuson and we have demos to do in science class i won the
    class comption an school and all over tuson but i got second my classmate
    got first but second isnt bad

  13. goofy gamer says:

    HA that’s nothing compared to what I do!
    1.get a smoke
    2.blow a bubble

    10x the fun + you don’t have to get dry ice,TRY IT

  14. Psychotic Kookie says:

    omg this is actually really awesome. i will be sure to try this some time

  15. GoddessDusk says:

    if you add a little corn syrup to the soapy mix the bubbles are harder to
    pop and last longer

  16. Bored.In.California says:

    2:03 Go ahead and play that one.
    Am I the only one thinking of something dirty at that moment?

  17. aaa5399 says:

    What if dropping it from skyscraper?

  18. Alicia O says:

    Don’t bother trying to contact me tonight… I’m going to be very busy!

    Dry Ice Boo Bubbles: http://youtu.be/pP_lZaOchE0

  19. Justin Leszek says:

    Where do you get dry ice 

  20. CraftyCrafter :D says:

    Lol that’s my new we watch 

  21. PeanutButter8475 says:

    I wouldnt recommend doing that

  22. Piano Guy says:

    THAT IS SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sasho Stoyanov says:

    Aaaaaaaah. Oooooooooh.

  24. TheDriftdog says:

    I wanna do this!!!! 

  25. Jequarius Allen says:

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