Does Government Have a Revenue or Spending Problem?

Find LearnLiberty on Facebook: People say the government has a debt problem. Debt is caused by deficits, which is the difference between what the government collects…
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  1. Ed Powell says:

    As the pundits heat up with their nonsense and drivel on immigration and
    Obamacare, please keep in mind, *the U.S. has a chronic spending problem*.
    Everything else is downstream from this.

  2. mike w says:


  3. Erin Murphy says:

    Problem with this and from the looks of it is addressed in other videos is
    that people are accustomed to government spending and are dependent on it
    for jobs, welfare programs, tax credits and various advantageous services.
    None of that is really all that wrong if those benefits are actually
    necessary or sustainable. Not all government benefits are sustainable but
    are necessary. Also I would really like to see some actual sources that
    support your positions. Graphs are nice and pretty and make you look smart
    but if they are not supported by actual studies then they are propaganda. 

  4. I am a Leftist says:

    Even by Learn Liberty standards this is ridiculous. Making a blanket
    statement like “government will always spend everything it collects plus
    more” is just prejudiced right wing rhetoric. Explain then how many nations
    currently run a budget surplus and how the US has throughout multiple
    periods of history (including as recently as the 90s) ran a budget surplus.
    I thought they always spent every penny plus more??? Government’s very much
    have a revenue problem because most nations collect only around 20% of GDP
    in tax revenue. That leaves another 80% floating around. An extra 10% in
    revenue will clear the deficit and this could easily be accomplished
    through a higher top rate of income tax, higher corporation tax, some
    additional taxes on expensive properties, financial transactions etc. and
    partial nationalisation of key sectors of the economy. That is the only way
    to solve the deficit not spending cuts.

    That isn’t to say spending cuts cant help but maybe try cutting things we
    don’t need like the massive defence budget in the US. Do you guys really
    need nuclear weapons? do you really need to spend more than the next 26
    countries combined?

  5. Tom Ate says:

    Who is behind Learn Liberty? Those “lessons” are completely missing the

  6. Corey Micallef says:

    You didn’t take into account productivity, you moron. As people are more
    productive the more each person contributes to the economy, as they
    contribute more to the economy, the more tax they pay as surcharges, fee’s,
    value added taxes, etc. because people need certain services to become more
    productive, governments have to spend money to provide those services, if
    they didn’t spend money, they wouldn’t be able to provide anything.

    Hell, look at the government spending and government revenue as percentages
    of GDP and compare that to other countries, the US is definitely on the low
    side, I’m not saying that you try and act like France or anything, but damn
    when you complain about too much tax is really put into perspective.

  7. Brett Mauser says:

    Very important economics lesson

  8. YYZpresto says:

    Government has a violence problem. Solution is the NAP.

  9. phatcatrat says:

    Debt isn’t inherently bad. It’s expected that that a country will have
    debt, at all times. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research,
    debt may have a negative effect on economic growth at levels greater than
    90 percent of GDP, but not below. However, debt still pales in comparison
    to other issues in importance. Having debt a very high amount of debt is
    still less detrimental to the economy than cutting spending, which has been
    shown time and time again to have a strong negative impact on the economy.

  10. vasvenus says:

    It is really a shame that “economists” don’t understand the scope of the
    The government is not so stupid as one may think. They spend (borrow) more
    money only to ensure that there will be enough money supply so people
    /corporations can pull this money out of the money supply to cover their

  11. 4ourthofjuly says:

    “The government recently attempted to take over the health care industry.”

    Jesus H Christ. What a wing-nut.

  12. Ichy Mcgee says:

    He sounded so angry. I don’t think he really has given much thought on the

  13. Joe A Merican says:

    It is simple…and this video makes it easy to understand.

    Does Government Have a Revenue or Spending Problem?

  14. Name Password says:

    It is simple…and this video makes it easy to understand.

    Does Government Have a Revenue or Spending Problem?

  15. Aaron McGuffin says:

    We collect more revenue now than ever but we also spend more now than ever.
    Spending is the problem. Not even arguable. This short video does the math.
    #DeficitSpending #Debt #GovernmentSpending #Spending #SpendingCuts
    #TaxRevenue #SpendingProblem

  16. Joe A Merican says:

    It is simple…and this video makes it easy to understand.

    Does Government Have a Revenue or Spending Problem?

  17. Stephen Korinis says:
  18. Oscar Alberto Amiune says:

    +Antony Davies – +LearnLiberty 

  19. Jeremy Waters says:

    Crash course on America’s spending problem.

  20. Blue Point Trading says:

    This analysis is faulty, most likely politically motivated. It assumes that
    the level of gov. services are a constant. Gov. services provided in the
    50s is not the same as today, i.e. soc security/health care that did not
    exist to the degree as they do today. This needs to be added to the
    formula. One can make an argument about the efficencies of gov., but this
    is adifferent argument. From the data presented one can not make a fair
    deduction that we have a spending problem. 

  21. Robert Galletta says:

    That’s one sided. What about lobbies and rackets?

  22. Theo Osborne says:
  23. Alan Lovejoy says:

    It is simple…and this video makes it easy to understand.

    Does Government Have a Revenue or Spending Problem?

  24. Tom Kilworth says:

    liked this channels video on Free Banking, but this was not very good. Id
    want to hear what you would cut. Social programs? And what is your solution
    to healthcare costs? The rest of the world has managed to provide
    healthcare through government assistance. What say you?

  25. millertas says:

    “broken school system”. That is very much a value judgement based on what?
    What you heard on Fox News? While going through my teaching degree in the
    late 90s I studied what problems of the US system. Smaller schools, smaller
    class sizes, child centred teaching, might seem to cost more but in the
    long run is cheaper.

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