Do Your Genes Determine Your Political Beliefs?

Are liberalism and conservatism learned behaviors, or do our genes determine our political leanings? In this segment our panel discusses whether nature or nurture is more important in directing…
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25 Responses

  1. APJ1986 says:

    This would explain why the majority of Republicans are Christians and why
    they are so easy to believe in going to Hell for the stupidest reasons.

  2. demovangelis says:

    From experience, this is more 666 NWO , LIBERAL NAZI JUNK SCIENCE from
    the same nuts pushing evolution etc. Conservatives coward? LOL!!! I used to
    street preach and I am not scared of any liberal Nazi, no matter how big
    they are. After many excepted the message n became friends , and I said
    all I could say, I quit. Why do liberal cowards go into the military n
    come out of training as brave conservatives, hey? Not genetic. With me , I
    converted AFTER a near death experience . SO THIS IS MORE liberal Nazi ,
    666 NWO BULL SHIT. Conservatives are braver than liberals n have even been
    fed to the lions. Soooo, MORE JUNK SCIENCE from evolutionists! What about
    age factors? By the time John Lennon was 40 he was against Carter, n
    friends with Reagan (after meeting at a game). He was no longer riding on
    the merry go round (as one of his songs claims) and was a family man. He
    was embarrassed at his song Imagine n died with 200 million in the bank.
    Theres a video John Lennon bashes Socialism n this was his last interview
    before killed by a fan who seen him as a hypocrite.

  3. demovangelis says:

    OK YOUR NAZI NUTS. Evolution? Read my blog on Google+ EVOLUTION : SCIENCE
    OR POLITICAL TOOL OF ANTICHRIST. So liberals are not coward? LOL! GAY
    LIBERALS ARE VERY COWARD. Ive been around a few!!!!

  4. Supernova Kasprzak says:

    I was raised by two conservatives of whom I received my genes. With both
    genetics and environment against my liberalism, shouldn’t I also be
    conservative? And yet I’m not.

    There’s still something to be said for genetics… even more so for
    Jonathan Haidt’s “omnivore’s dilemma” — neophobia vs neophilia. I love
    variety, new things, and change. Could that be responsible for my state of
    being a liberal?

  5. CJ Zanders says:

    Pseudoscience strikes again!

    I wonder why so many black democrats (which is virtually all of them) are
    so cynical of anything white people do especially in political office. I’m
    sure the author of this book would deride them off.

    And doesn’t it also seems odd that capitalist who are also typically
    conservatives tend to adopt the term, “Pull yourself up by your boot
    straps.” Bottom line, Capitalist conservatives make intrepid decisions
    everyday. What the heck does Obama Care which goes against constitutional
    ideology have anything to do with the part of the brain that tackles tough
    problems? Very little if any. 

  6. StunnedByStupidity says:

    So conservatives arevdisproportionately scared cowards? Hmmm, much is
    explained by this….

  7. Barabbas Quint says:

    The question arises: how much of human behaviour is predetermined? I think,
    much more than many of us would like to believe.

  8. can'tBEARit o_O says:

    this is just pseudo scientific BS trying to shame people into voting for
    the ‘right’ agenda.

  9. Cosmic Contrarian says:

    While I was watching this and it came up “kelly carlin” i wondered, hmm
    related to george carlin? Turns out it was true, interesting that they’re
    also talking about genetics in relation to political beliefs and we
    actually have an obvious example on the panel.

  10. Eric Martin says:

    “Ever since I learned about confirmation bias I’ve started to see it
    -Ancient klingon Proverb

  11. dangerouslytalented says:

    Not all inherent characteristics are genetic. Just because you can’t
    control your sexuality, does not mean it is in your genes.

  12. naliuj says:

    Avi Tuschman what a great guest

  13. Kazak23 says:

    Is that Eagleman?

  14. Barack Smith says:

    So RW’ers are born that way and don’t have much of a say in their
    preferences?!,..Now that’s IRONY! ..Scientists need a way to find a way to
    activate the empathy gene on RW’ers.

  15. Ethan Reilly says:

    Notice how they talk about the differences in conservative brains but not
    liberal ones. Liberals have a larger anterior cingulate cortex and
    therefore exaggerate differences more so than the average person.

  16. Mazzmaker69 says:

    Complete propaganda. Political beliefs form because of life experience,not
    because of your genes. Hell,if that were the case,then most kids would have
    the same political views as their parents do and we all know that there are
    huge political changes between generations.

  17. Corey Wiley says:
  18. GodlessHillbilly says:

    Answer: Both!

  19. Adria Belle says:

    Lee Camp is an awesome guest.

  20. MikieDaC says:

    BS. As soon as I here “studies” show that “these people” are genetically
    flawed/damaged etc., alarm bells go off. How many times have we heard
    fascist pseudo-scientists make these claims about blacks, jews, etc. in our
    history? Keep in mind what George Santayana said: “Those who do not know
    history are condemned to repeat it.”

  21. Nivash Kumar says:

    shouldn’t it be “Does your brain..?”

  22. badmonkey91 says:

    wow, so much information in this one…I’m going to like it and come back
    to it. need another shot to digest this

  23. pauldhoff says:

    Well, genes do determine if you are going to be a tree, cat, dog, etc. so I
    guess they do have some control about political beliefs, which genes and
    what combos of them do what? Who knows..


  24. john connolly says:

    Brain development, develops through life experience, so cultural and
    environmental factors are key. 

  25. Pyro5kinetic6beaver says:

    Well it determines your iq and there is a correlation between high iq and
    left wing ideology, so yes it does determine your political beliefs but the
    environment can play a huge huge role in it as well.

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