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25 Responses

  1. TheJaredtheJaredlong says:

    It’s a matter of scale. On a small scale, like *just* my friends or family,
    we collectively don’t need a government because we’re small enough and
    trust each other enough to make collective decisions. Tribalism, it might
    be called. However, once several tribes decide to live in the same area and
    use the same resources you’re now going to have people having to cooperate
    with people they don’t like and don’t trust which will inevitably lead to
    conflict. With this larger scale, a government becomes necessary. The
    larger you scale up the population, the more powerful the central
    government has to be to maintain order. 

  2. GT6SuzukaTimeTrials says:

    “Give me liberty or give me death!” What is the point of living if you do
    not own yourself and 100% of the fruits of your labor? A lesser evil is
    evil just as well. The best government is no government at all. If we can’t
    survive without it, then we deserve to perish with it.

  3. MegaFunnymonkey123 says:

    They’re both right. Life before civilisation would’ve been terrifying but
    also have some good bits, much like life today. And when civilisation was
    created, some safety was issued and people felt at peace now that there was
    someone to tell them what to do, with this freedoms were lost and a whole
    bunch of problems were created, but it gave those who need rules rules to
    abide by and tangible punishment to enforce them. I think the key issue is
    that people, in general, have a desire to be ruled. Whether by a god or a
    king or an elected official, people want someone to be alpha. I think if we
    really want to move on from pointless wars and arguments about made up
    deities, we as a species need to grow the fuck up and accept agency and
    responsibility over our life. That’s the true next step in civilisation (in
    my opinion)

  4. DimebagVision says:

    A government would not be needed in a perfect utopian society filled with
    intelligent and morally sound people. One would understand, by nature, that
    certain things you should not do to others (or anything else), and other
    things are okay.

    But, people are stupid and are in greater numbers than the intelligent. If
    a government did not exist, then the stupid will steal, rape, and kill
    indiscriminately because (to use a reference from *Ivan Karamazov* )
    ‘everything is lawful.’
    The intelligent populace would then be infuriated at the stupid for
    committing those acts, and would enforce punishment. This would lead them
    to make rules that would lessen the chance of the stupid for ever doing
    this again; and if they do they would suffer the consequences. Thus, a new
    form of government is born.

    The question, however, would be to instate a large or small form of
    government. Take, for example, indeginous tribes in remote and amazon
    villages. One form of government for one tribe would be different than
    another. The two tribes may live only 50-100 miles apart from eachother,
    but they have their own rules and customs, thus making them community
    governments. Although, some tribes (world-wide) do not have conceptual
    ideologies such as ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ they are, nonetheless, taught certain
    customs of how one should behave.

    We can now say that people will have governments regardless if they are in
    a national or small community setting.

  5. p0lteRg3isT says:

    I never signed that “social contract”, am I free now? no. So the goverment
    is pure force. They kill and rob. Whoever reads this, educate yourself in
    Youtubers: Larken Rose, Stefan Molyneux.
    Book: Jeremy Lock – End of all evil

  6. Wisecrack says:

    Do we need government? Check out the final episode of 8-Bit Philosophy for
    the year!

  7. David A says:

    Government is essential because it serves to slow the flow of power. It
    allows the possibility for passive people to live with equal power as those
    people who are inherently “takers” by nature.

  8. Raynier Reynoso says:

    Hobbes is right. We’re not caring people. Without a strong fed gov we’ll
    collapse. It’ll be chaotic. 

  9. Sam Roberts says:

    Do we need government? Check out the final episode of 8-Bit Philosophy for
    the year!

  10. Planeswalker123 says:

    Hobbes state of nature is so absurd and begs so many questions. If people
    are so evil and so uncaring of other people and don’t interact peacefully
    without some sort of coercion from a centralized authority than how did
    civilization get started in the first place? People have to be altruistic
    at least to some extent unless you can provide me with a newborn that is
    capable of taking care of it’s self. But that’s not to say that we love
    everyone all equally We value our families and immediate communities in
    which we are born and raised in usually the most so i would say that the
    state of nature isn’t all against all it’s tribalism.

  11. jlotus100 says:

    I think the social contract is innate in us. We voluntarily formed
    hunter-gatherer societies because there was greater strength in numbers.
    We’re naturally pack animals in that sense. A group of 10 can gather more
    food and withstand more attacks from nature and other humans than a single
    person can.

    If a ruling class becomes too oppressive, however, the social contract
    becomes broken. What was created to protect people becomes a threat to
    those same people. In those times it becomes necessary to rebel. But after
    every successful rebellion, a new ruling system would take its place, with
    the expectation that it would give security without oppression.

  12. MysticViper says:

    so…. pimping? government is a pimp? but on a larger scale

  13. Weldinsson Alcantara says:

    Adherence to absolutism is the problem.. It’s important have a bit from
    both perspectives while remaining flexible depending on circumstance..

  14. Sean Sandoval says:

    Do an episode discussing, “does truth exist?”

  15. 64imma says:

    Generally, we are better off if we can organize ourselves in a meaningful
    way in which allows us to pool resources together to achieve more. I do
    think government is necessary unless you want to accept absolutely no help
    from others. 

  16. Clover Field says:

    I think because of our capitalist society we definitely need a Government.
    Too many people would want to reach ‘the top’ of our society by stealing
    other people’s shit.

  17. Beans Martoccia says:

    Do We Need Government? (The Social Contract) – 8-…:

  18. jay pip says:

    These philosophers never studied the way of life of the Native Americans.
    They lived in a society that was completely cooperative with no real
    government but nature and the elders. They kept their food source to an
    amount enough to survive. They also did not overpopulate, every 5 or 10
    years ( I don’t quite remember) The tribes would meet with the most fertile
    women and men and they would mate to ensure one tribe would not become
    inbred, or too large. They did occasionally dispute over land, and whatnot,
    but overall they lived peacefully before the Europeans allegedly discovered
    the land other humans inhabited for centuries. I suppose above all The
    Natives were able to conquer and tame the so called leviathan, of
    course after Thousands of years of hard work. 

  19. M4 Media says:

    The one who has it right is the one who said we’re full of anxiety without
    laws, but we’re still full of anxiety with laws.

    It would be very hard to feel comfortable with no social structure, but we
    do sacrifice individual freedoms for each other.

    I think the best plan is neither, how about stop fucking so much that
    theres more and more people to fight with over resources? No? 1 child per
    family? Maybe 2? Would have been helpful a long time ago.

  20. wanderingdude777 says:

    As romantic as the thought of a peaceful existence without government is, a
    look into the chaos that spawns when it is lack demonstrates its necessity.
    Google the aftermath of any of the recent revolutions in the middle-east,
    or any revolution for that matter, and all you’ll see is a hot mess. Man
    works better living by a set of principles, rules, guidelines, etc, and
    that’s exactly what a government is, even if its never perfect. For this
    reason, there are hardly any modern societies that do away with traditional
    government (for, say, anarchy).

  21. Laharl Krichevskoy says:

    why cant we be free and so choose to work for the best interest of the
    majority? i mean, we arent in the 100bc, we know working in groups is more
    efficient and get us further in the development of technology which in turn
    can give us a better life on earth?

  22. ElectroPagan says:

    Do we need a ‘group of men and women providing their services/prouducts on
    a compulsory basis’ (i.e. with threats of violence)?

    Governments are nothing more than extortion rackets that use devious and
    deceptive means to convince the people they are attempting to control that
    they are actually legitimate.

    What governments do with the money they steal is the primary difference
    between governments.

    Did you ever notice that there’s /never/ a vote to see if we have
    government or not…just a vote to see who the new figurehead is going to
    be of the extortion racket for for the next 4 years.

    Read “Government: Indicted” and “Adventures in legal Land” by Marc Stevens.

  23. Joscha Klein says:

    in my opinion most of the people need goverment. i heard once from an old
    man that about 80% of the human population is not able to decide and rule
    for themselves, therefore they need leaders to “guide” them. for the rest
    of the people it is up to two decisions 1. rule the 80% and be a politican,
    artist, prophet and teacher or 2. free yourself from everything and leave
    so i think the majority (80%+ about another 18% of the other people) needs
    a goverment and rules. for the rest 2% it doesnt matter cause they learn to
    rule themselves.
    just my humble opinion

  24. Daniel Vestal says:

    Who else would be able to collect taxes and build infrastructure for our
    cities? If some private company was in charge of that, they would have a
    bitch of a time collecting the money to make it worthwhile and once they
    collected the money, there would be no laws that required them to actually
    build the things we use for free everyday. (i.e highways and powerlines)
    Government doesn’t just keep violent criminals at bay, they also provide a
    system in which we can hold big companies responsible for any malpractices
    they may be guilty of. If government didn’t exist, SOMEONE would still find
    a way to take control of our commodities whether it be by force or monetary
    means and as fucked up we may think our government is, I guarantee you
    don’t want the Coke Brothers in charge of your city’s water supply. With
    Government, there’s at least some form of accountability that we can hold
    against them and that’s the right to elect new leaders. We don’t have that
    ability with anyone else besides government.

    We absolutely need government . People aren’t smart enough to exist on a
    planet with limited resources without agreeing to at least some kind of
    collective acceptance of an organized government. There are over 7 billion
    people on this planet, you really wanna see what would happen if we
    dissolved all of our governments? I’ll tell you. We’ll be cool for like a
    day or two (max), lose our shit , then slowly form new governments once we
    realize that only a few people control all of our global resources anyway.
    Hopefully the people running our commodities would agree to let us vote on
    their position of power again without forming an alliance with the state’s
    old weapons developer and forming their own little team and forcing
    everyone outside of their club to either join their forces or be left to
    fight the masses for a couple of animals they manage to find in the forest.

    So not only is government needed, its inevitable. At least most of our
    governments now were created with the general population somewhat in mind.

  25. Jack Williams says:

    In this matter, I believe the field of philosophy could best answer this
    question through the insight of cultural anthropology, by studying current
    hunter-gatherer tribes.

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