DIY Mosquito & Insect Repellent…No More Pest!

DIY Mosquito & Insect Repellent...No More Pest!

Want summer fun without insects? Well, don’t buy mosquito and insect repellent…make your own with this easy and economical recipe. No more harsh ingredients. No need to put up with those…
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25 Responses

  1. chris bond says:

    I’ve been using a “Natural” spray that I mix myself made from Tea Tree Oil,
    Geranium Essential Oil, Organic Neem Oil & Vegetable Gylcerin. It works
    like a charm. 

  2. Pest Control San Diego says:

    Ok, you hit the nail on the head with this video. 

  3. Belen Rodriguez says:

    I dont know how to thank you anymore for sharing this haas worked like
    heaven thank you so fricken much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pest Control Atlanta says:

    I bet these smell incredible

  5. Richard Perry says:

    When you say you add x number of droppers…do you mean ‘drops’ or the full
    volume of the dropper?

  6. Eric G says:

    Do you add water to the 2 oz bottle spray or alcohol was a question I had,
    yet I did hear that you add 40 drops of alcohol. Nevertheless, I don’t
    believe that will be 2 oz but if I had 8 oz or 16 oz spray bottle add 4
    times or 8 times as much . . .

  7. fatmantolly says:

    Thanks, I’ll be trying this one out.

  8. Anouar Moussaoui says:

    if it can burn my skin ,why would i use it on my buddy o.O ??

  9. wesley immroth says:


  10. markup357 says:

    Short and to the point…thanks.

  11. Benard Wanyancha says:
  12. Maria Bessie Tretasco says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  13. Krish Gawde says:
  14. Niler Taylor says:

    The ones in Georgia try to literally carry you away if you let them! LOL.
    Thanks for your comment and for watching. Niler

  15. Niler Taylor says:

    WooooooooooooooooW!!!!!!! Really? Thanks soooooooooooooo much! I will
    message you my address. Thanks a bunch! Niler

  16. Niler Taylor says:

    Yes those little bugs are aggravating. This worked great for me. If you are
    outside for a long period of time you may need to reapply it. Thanks for
    you comment, and thanks for watching. Niler

  17. AssassinXMod says:

    I think that mosquito can go to hell right after they are born.

  18. Niler Taylor says:

    I never sprayed this on furniture, curtains, etc. Besides…it does contain
    “oil” so it may stain. I personally use it on my self when I’m going to be
    outdoors. My personal test is…4 hours…no bite. I have not used it
    longer than that because I have not been outdoors longer than 4 hours at
    one time. I’d say, after 4 hours…respray. It is inexpensive to make so
    spraying every 4 hours would still be a benefit. Niler

  19. 27TUBGUY says:

    Niler, the soundtrack is BOMB. damn

  20. Alyy Loonyy says:

    Uhm are there any alternatives for peppermint oil? I’m not sure if I can
    find it in convenient stores.. But is the VITAMIN E Oil available in
    pharmacies ?

  21. ericou812 says:

    they say vanilla extract works,$8.50 for a lil bottle!!!

  22. Niler Taylor says:

    Yep…gotta cover yourself when you go outside. Thanks for watching.

  23. Niler Taylor says:

    LOL. Thanks for watching. Niler

  24. Niler Taylor says:

    Many online stores carry it, just google peppermint fragrance oil and you
    should get a lot of results. I’ve also ordered it from Schrocks supplies.

  25. Niler Taylor says:

    No question is a “stupid question”. Yes, I do mean the whole dropper. You
    question did make sense. Hope that clarifies things. Thanks for asking.
    Hope you make a big batch of the repellent…you will need it if your
    mosquitos are as bad as they are here in the south! Niler

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