DIY How To Make A Glitter Jar

This video will show you how to make a glitter jar. These are also called calming jars. If you have any questions on how to make calming jars please send me a message below. This DIY glitter…

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  1. Emilie Lefler says:

    These magical swirling jars of glitter remind me of fairies. So easy to
    make. These have been a great way to calm my kids (and myself!) down when
    we need to de-stress. I think it would be fun to make a green glitter jar
    for a Tinker Bell themed party!
    #untidyartist #glitter #fairyglitter

  2. Rianna Yatawatta says:

    Do you recommend any where to get a LOT of glitter because I have none at
    my house because me and my dad are thinking of making a really big one 

  3. Joe Shae says:

    Hi!Does it glow in the dark?
    Please answer my question.Thanks!

  4. Ami Sanogo says:

    another way is to get glitter and pour it into the jar then put water then
    tour stir it and last you close it tightly

  5. Marilyn Vicedo says:

    It is okey if i not add some food coloring?
    pleas answer my question

  6. animetrash says:

    just an idea for parents/guardians, but try putting it into a water bottle
    (the ‘smart water’ bottles work very well) instead of a glass jar incase
    the child is feeling destructive

  7. Chyanne xc says:

    Please please make more flower fairy doll ideas please!!!!! They are so

  8. Charlene Jo says:

    Can I use Mod Podge?

  9. Desiree Gutierrez says:

    This is like the best idea ever …

    I love that it is easy and inexpensive.!

  10. Chastity Flores says:
  11. Amelia Kay says:

    I’m going to try this, right now I’m re doing my room so I’m looking at
    tons of diys and I’m really excited to try this one, also do you think it
    will be okay to add glitter glue? And I’m not adding so much food dye so
    it’s more of a light color. But I really enjoyed this xxx

  12. Violet Diamond says:

    That’s so sweet

  13. Faith Crosbie says:

    Hi! I was wondering, will this work if I use pva glue? It would mean a Lol
    to me if u could reply and tell me thanks

  14. Haleema Akhtar says:

    It’s awesome I love it

  15. shirley Rivers says:
  16. DangerTits says:

    Would this work if you added a plastic bag jelyfish inside if you don’t use
    as much glitter so you can see through?

  17. Jolie P says:

    +Emilie Lefler could I use elmers rubber cement? It’s all I have

  18. Jessica Patel says:

    Can I use white glue that drys clear

  19. PineapplePandas says:

    If my glitter doesn’t move around ( I omitted the glycerin part) Where do
    you think I went wrong?

  20. Samrana Khadim says:


  21. Stupidgirl Doingstupidthings says:

    Whats glycerin? ??

  22. Samantha Dederichs says:

    Where did you buy the vegetable glycerin 

  23. Willow Beale says:

    good idea and was she crying when you showed the glitter or was it glitter
    below her eye

  24. Devaney Packer says:

    How long does this last?

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