DIY Healthy Back to School Lunches!

“DIY Healthy Back to School Lunches! ” get this to 30000 likes! Click me for my last Video➜ SIENAS VIDEO: …
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22 Responses

  1. Anais S says:

    Lol, sushi is not Chinese, it’s Japanese.

  2. Landsay Franckoeur says:

    Sushi is a Japanese food not chinese

  3. Yael Grossbard says:

    There is nothing healthy about your lunch babe…white empty carb, lactose,
    processed meet? The only thing that was healthy was the avocado & peanut
    butter (if it was a natural one…) the crackers? High salt high sugar..
    Empty carbs.. 

  4. Natalie Meng says:

    Doctors say that eating more than 2 eggs is bad.

  5. TheGamePlay901 says:

    wait wait wait….. she is using a samsung bud on an iphone?

  6. Valentina Sierra Amy says:

    When you watch it in an iPad when the girl see click on my face is just

  7. Christina James says:

    To all you people saying sushi is from Japan,
    She only said she got the container from a chinese resturaunt, not that
    sushi is rom Japan.

  8. Erin Bacon says:

    wth she said she hates fish in the watermlon tag she made with cloecouture
    but the breadless sandwich she said she liked tuna?!

  9. Aaryanna Lewis says:

    am I the only person who finds it weird she has an iPhone and is using
    Samsung ear phones :?

  10. Jasmin Attard says:

    They look so gooooood 

  11. SaNiA aWaLe says:

    Loved it ❤️❤️

  12. Bushra Amin says:

    Healthy?! Just because it isn’t pizza and chips and whatnot, doesn’t make
    it healthy. In fact, the spaghetti cupcakes are essentially pizza. And some
    fruit doesn’t cancel out a buttload of cheese. And the cucumber doesn’t
    cancel out all that mayo on the tuna or the 30g of fat in the avocado. I
    could go on and on. The title should be “Creative Back to School Lunches”.

  13. sun jessica says:

    does she actually give away things because she wants more subbers?? Who
    wants to be youtube friends? I sub back if you sub me/!

  14. Mia Lexii says:

    What song started playing at round 1:28

  15. Ana Pinto says:

    You are about to hit 2 million subscribers

  16. yaya decosta says:

    You made sushi better

  17. Carlos Mujia says:

    What is the first song 

  18. Marcella Casarella says:

    JAKEEEEE!!!!!!!! OMFG

  19. Kacie Cameron says:

    Leave her alone like she has feelings you know and how would you feel if
    she was saying all that to you like gosh she was just making a video and
    BTW Bethany Mota did like none of these resapies

  20. Crystal Heart says:

    Where did she get the lunch container that she had for the Spegetii

  21. Jessica Perez says:


  22. Destiney Moore says:

    Fried fish from Jj fish it is good

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