DIY GLOW STICK NAIL POLISH – Makeup Mythbusters with Maybaby and BindleBeautyx

Kool-Aid Lip Stain – DIY Smudge Liner w/ Mahogany Lox – What’s better than glow sticks? Glow nail polish! The most vague pinterest post ever claims…

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23 Responses

  1. SignedByCody says:

    Who even was that girl? She was only copying everything meg said and she
    seemed really bored and un inviting towards the video… 

  2. Alice Liu says:

    Paint your nails white, put it on, then put on a topcoat

  3. ~!RainbowLife!~ says:

    Someone did this and it did glow, but it didn’t dry

  4. AnnyLovesPink says:

    Dumbest shit ever. Glow sticks are toxic. Quit YouTube and go back to
    school to educate yourself. Hope people aren’t actually trying this. You’re

  5. Muskaan SL says:

    DIY GLOW STICK NAIL POLISH – Makeup Mythbusters w…:

  6. Chloe VanWagner says:

    Keep doing the glow and the dark way but before turning of the light put
    your nails by the light for about 30 seconds and they with glow

  7. Shayla Orkmo says:

    Why would they make to a video and say don’t do this at home

  8. Kyla Fuller says:

    paint white first for better visibility.

  9. Artistic lps says:

    Wait if it can’t get on your skin why are you putting it on your nails? 0_O

  10. Sofia Tchernovskaia says:

    Maybe add white nail Polish before adding the glow stick stuff.

  11. Ivy Mae Williams says:

    Try glow in the dark fabric paint and clear polish

  12. Gabriel Mack says:

    u might want to try using a white polish under the glow polish to make it
    pop more. 

  13. Jaheda Habib says:

    maybaby u are soooo bad at applying nail polish

  14. Tibbytab11 says:

    heres a tip. Paint your nails white first then put the goat of glow sticks
    it will be much more vibrant. i learned that with thin see through/
    transparent nail polish put white nailpolish as a base and it will be more
    vibrant! goood luck

  15. camille e says:

    Use a base color such as blue for a blue glow stick. Then apply the just
    the glowstick insides over the base. Last apply the top coat.

  16. Nicole Bizovie says:

    Thread banger did this one better

  17. Blake Wildman says:

    Sorry. It. Did. Not. Work. Better. Luck. Next. Time

  18. Rose Garner says:


  19. Saskia Cachia says:

    epic FAIL!!!

  20. Queen Tiffany says:

    That’s sad it didn’t work 

  21. ♥ katiejulwil ♥ says:

    my favourite nail polish is gel nude!!!

  22. Ava Marisol says:

    It needs a UV light Meg :D

  23. Jack Nicholson says:

    i dont want to sound mean but you should look up the effects this could
    have on your health before doing this also it couldn’t have worked due to
    the magmatic formula of the compound to make this effect work you would
    have to use a more hydromatic solution and most of the effects you listed
    as your reference would have been edited in a photo manipulation software
    like Photoshop 

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