DIY Christmas / Holiday Room Décor — spice up your decorations!

My holiday Roomspiration! OPEN FOR MORE DETAILS! 🙂 I know this video is quite last minute, but luckily all the projects are pretty quick to make, and its likely that you already have the…
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25 Responses

  1. Natasha Rose says:
  2. fashion chalet says:

    NICE!! :)

  3. Anna Belle says:

    we should make a collab!!!

  4. agent00beauty says:

    ily! These diys are awesome! We should do a collab!

  5. Anyawesome says:

    Y sound so Australian!!!!!!!!
    I should know cos im Australian :D

  6. renashley wallflower says:

    Your ideas are very creative!

  7. Frmfashiontomakeup says:

    These are really cool (pun intended)

  8. Cara Lily says:

    loving this video so much xx You’re so pretty and creative!!

  9. macbasil AdlawanVEVO says:

    put off your braces it makes you ugly!

  10. Sam meyers says:

    How do you talk over the video?

  11. SophieSheppard says:

    hey, what camera do you use? c:

  12. Salo YD says:

    Hey Natasha I love ur videos we should be youtube friends I just subbed 🙂 

  13. Nimesha Ratnayaka says:

    Why are some people so mean? Can’t we just appreciate her arts and craft
    ideas? Gosh..

  14. Alice Duck says:

    You need a little bit of make up. Tone and eyelashes. Everything is so
    bright. You are very pretty, but looks grey

  15. Potter Snitch says:

    Are you from Australia?? You sound Australian

  16. Jade and Janae says:

    the banner is really cute 

  17. Julia Samples says:

    spelled color wrong

  18. Gerika Quints says:

    The decorations were so cute! I just started youtube, would you mind
    checking it out when you have the time? Just subscribed! 

  19. Alice Duck says:
  20. love puppys 446 says:

    BTW it’s not colour

  21. ellom time says:

    ur very creative

  22. Eye Candy says:

    I think she was good people you should leave her alone she’s trying

  23. notoanyone says:

    I love your videos please keep making them!!!!:)

  24. mylifeasme says:

    subscribed :)

  25. Madisons Tutorials says:

    please sub back

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