Discover What’s Inside | Ep.2 | Mcdonald’s NEW Jalapeño Double

Let’s Discover What’s Inside the NEW Jalapeño Double, Join me on this spice filled Adventure by becoming a McScriber!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. ConnorOwnsFastFood says:

    McScribers from across the globe, I will be posting a new episode of
    Mcdonalds Employee Soon!!!. After That I will be posting more Burger & Food
    Reviews 🙂
    -Icayminsider out ;)

  2. WWEFan2001 says:

    Great video but also don’t like spicy food I like to enjoy food without my
    mouth burning lol

  3. Alexandra xo says:

    An all you can eat challenge? 

  4. The Random Channel says:

    Can you make a video about the secret menu at mcdonalds? It’d be cool to

  5. Levitecus says:

    Bacon McDouble! :D

  6. Morena J says:

    Nothing from McDonald’s taste good well ok 1 thing and that’s the parfaits

  7. Darksword165Xxgame says:

    Nice videos dude. 

  8. Santiago Barajas says:

    Lol its creamy ranch sauce, not mayo

  9. Shane Cotton says:

    Its got ranch, jalapeno chips and white cheddar on it. And the jalapenos
    are pretty hot. I’ve had to make a lot off them so far and after a month
    working at Mcds I’ve found that closing sucks but its a good job thus far. 

  10. Mexx Sub30 says:

    Do episodes on the following (PS love your vids!)
    Egg McMuffin
    Big Mac
    Chicken Nuggets?
    (if it ever goes back on) Mighty Wings
    (PPS) I really loved the mighty wings lol i was so sad when they went off
    the menu ;(

  11. WhizzKid84 says:

    discovered your channel yesterday and already watched all your vids, you
    seem like a real cool dude…. subbed 

  12. ParkerProduction101 says:

    Haha don’t like spicy food much either. Still waiting for that Baconator
    review! But I understand if you don’t wanna review that since it’s from
    Wendy’s but I promise you it’s friggin delicious! If not that then I guess
    a review if the Mcgriddle would be cool!

  13. Jairouz Food Reviews says:

    They aren’t charging a dollar more, the McDouble is like $1.50… I’d
    rather the Jalapeñno Double, but that’s just me, I love spicy food. Great
    review otherwise.

  14. Frank Castillo says:

    You have the best outro! 

  15. Samantha Lim says:

    haha oh gosh cant deal with the spiciness either but imagine trying the
    angus jalapeno burger. probably has twice as much jalapenos!. how old are
    you btw? :)

  16. TotallyAwesomePanda says:

    Jalapeno Double consists of… Regular Bun, Ranch Sauce, Jalapeno Chips,
    8-10 Jalapenos, White Cheddar Cheese, and 2 Reg Meat patties..
    Welcome! really support your channel.
    -McDonalds Manager

  17. Aeris Adams says:

    The face you made after you ate it though xD Great!

  18. zhaneranger says:

    Jack in the Box is making the same sandwich, but bigger. Jalapeno Ranch
    Ultimate Cheese Burger. Wasn’t spicy enough for me, but I still prefer
    their Bacon Ultimate Cheese Burger.

  19. ConnorOwnsFastFood says:
  20. Clenching Tub says:

    If you get the hiccups, stick your fingers in your ears for a few seconds
    and they will be gone

  21. Antonio Rodriguez says:

    Keep up the good work

  22. Erin Fizzy says:

    The white stuff on it is ranch and I heard its pretty hot and like these
    jalapeno chips go on it and they look like dirt e.o

  23. kwairsoft1999 says:

    Secret menu

  24. Andrew Wirawan says:

    Is there curry sauce at your mcdonalds?

  25. COD LEGIT says:

    Can mcdonalds hire you even tho you short?

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