Destiny – How To Find People To Raid With

In this video I go over some of the best ways to find people to raid with Planet Destiny LFG – Destiny LFG – THE 100 – https://www.the100.i…

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25 Responses

  1. StichicoGamingUniverse says:

    how do u get to the raids ? [xbox one]

  2. TheZombieStormTrooper says:

    Console Ps4
    GT: destinymcv
    Raid: Crota’s End
    CheckPoint: Crota CheckPoint

  3. Blue Boy Lightning says:

    XBox one
    GT: ElectricFlames9
    Class: Titan
    Level: 20 soon 25-26

  4. Samuel Nelson says:

    THEnelsonbruhs, PS4, vault of glass, beggining, level 26 raid, level 28

  5. Frankie Reese says:

    Console Xbox 360
    GT: E1ite Yoshi
    Class: Hunter
    Level 26
    I’m looking for people who would want to do raids with me.

  6. Peter Casaba says:

    Characters=titan31, hunter 28, warlock 27

  7. Adrien Green says:

    ps3 got a lvl 30 hunter my name is xX_shothead_Xx anyone up for some raids

  8. ForbesyGames says:

    Xbox One
    Warlock, Hunter, Titan
    Vault of Glass normal of hard mode anytime of the week :)

  9. The Distance Between says:

    I’ll do raid, Venus or moon, I don’t got no mic, but I can revive good, and
    help more than than the average person playing

  10. Darnell pierce says:

    I have a level 28 hunter PS3 looking for vog
    Normal fresh 

  11. Gabriel Rojas says:

    Lvl. 30 Titan
    Need people to run hard VoG and normal Crota’s End
    Also the Nightfall

  12. Wahsek Chan says:

    Console: PS3
    Gamertag: HuaShi
    Class: Warlock
    Im level 26 and lvl 23, and wish for help in raid with me

  13. Viktor Wusten says:

    gt: fgg_viktorw titan lvl 31, titan lvl 29 an a warlock lvl 30. ps3. ive
    you need help with raids or anyting add me.

  14. Kyle Dahlgren says:

    Console:Xbox one
    Raid : vault of glass at start
    Level 24 warlock

  15. kingmitchy1 says:

    Console: PS4
    Raid: VoG
    Checkpoint: Templar

  16. FightLikeABoss says:

    Console: Xbox one
    GT: l Soulless l
    Class: Titan
    Level: 28
    Raid: Vault of glass, normal mode or hard later.

    Anyone wanna play, im active mostly everyday on destiny, i have experience,
    and i do have a mic. 

  17. Noah Huffaker says:

    Console: PS3
    Characters: LvL 30 Hunter/ Lvl 27 Warlock/ Lvl 3 Titan 😀
    Looking for people to raid with.
    Add me on PSN: Br0nzeWarr10r

  18. Momoret says:


    Add: Momoret07

    Warlock level 29

  19. aundre williams says:

    Xbox 1
    Lvl 26 Hunter

  20. Kevin Atkinson says:

    Console:PS4 and Xbox One
    GT PS4: Katkinson101
    Xbox one:Bmeclicl101
    Raid: VOG Hard and Crota’s End
    Lvl:29 (working on getting to 30-32) 

  21. XNDeJouxxSkii says:

    Gt 4 xbox one – BillyBallbagsJR

  22. matthew hugle says:

    xbox one


    LvL 3

  23. Devin Smith says:

    Xbox One
    Any raid or nightfall
    Region- USA eastern time zone

  24. Christian Upcraft says:

    Xbox one
    Vault of glass level 26
    Level 27 titan
    gt: DirtyHarry2002 

  25. Claire Farron says:

    psn: EPIC_GAM3R_X1
    NIghtfall+ crota + VOG
    lv 32 warlock + lv 31 titan + lv 30 hunter

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