Destiny Free Reward Codes – FREE Legendaries! (Destiny Gameplay)

Destiny Free Reward Codes – FREE Legendaries! (Destiny Gameplay) Lets go for 400k Subscribers: …
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25 Responses

  1. JoblessGarrett says:

    Want some free Legendary Items in destiny? Well now you can have some 😀 

  2. jeronimo yes. says:

    Do you have to have xbox live with destiny?

  3. Blades says:

    Everyone already know about this plus this is a misleading title to get
    more views.

  4. Carter Rinn says:

    Can you reuse them?

  5. Happycandy Van says:

    legendaries….. right

  6. Ch1ll itz Sam says:

    The website doesn’t work

  7. NineteenLizard says:

    Hey is it posible to get Destiney for free????

  8. TheJonbonesjones says:

    what are grimoire cards and what do they do?

  9. Da Dfrag says:

    Where can we redeem the exotics in game? I can’t find them. Does anyone
    know where are they?

  10. RyanRocker115 says:

    Lies he’s doing it for views

  11. monchi mon says:
  12. Echo Untraceable says:

    these dont even work and i have a xbox is dat the reason y because hes on a

  13. Xx simone xX says:

    Dude please don’t tell me that you are already done with the Sims 4

  14. suomiman100 says:

    Wtf codes dont work for me

  15. Kevin Joel Rios says:

    Do these still work? I got an X360. Do these codes work for that too?.. Do
    these codes work for everyone? (Except the Exotics of course). Are they all
    free per account?.. Cause I don’t wanna type in a code and get nothing out
    of it.. 

  16. Mrcheesburger Tidmore says:

    Garret thank you so much I’m been playing with you and datsaintsfan and
    mrbossftw evere since you were youtubing I love you guys no homo you are
    the best people ever

  17. Dr.MorningWood says:

    I don’t get how do I get the shader

  18. CaptainR3sPawN | TR3sPawN says:

    Thanks! :)

  19. TheJonbonesjones says:

    darn i was hoping for some free legendary weapons. but its all cool. thanks
    garrett for the free stuff. 

  20. Isaiah Ronquillo says:

    You are amazing

  21. Aziz Hamadah says:


  22. fcbBrad says:

    thanks so much man

  23. lukebranton says:

    Fuck off with your misleading titles on this channel.

  24. Vortexx Wolf says:

    Can you redeem these on the destiny app. And if so how?

  25. Isaiah Ronquillo says:

    You are amazing

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