Depression: Why Mental Health Is Important

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24 Responses

  1. Sara Owen says:

    This is way tends to happen where I live
    Popular person: I feel depressed.
    Very one else: oh it’s ok you have all of us, don’t worry we’re here for
    you, so on and on.
    Unpopular person: I’m depressed.
    Everyone else: what’s wrong with you, you should be happy you have every
    thing, stop the act you just want attention, just get over it you b!!!!!,
    and so on.
    I hate this world. T_T 

  2. Luke Chatsworth says:

    Jesus you hit the nail on the head every second of this video. My chest
    hurts, in a good way. I’ve been dealing with unmedicated, untreated and
    unassisted Major Depression and Social Anxiety for almost three years now
    and every word of this struck a chord with me.

  3. Tahlia Croft says:

    I found this inspiring youtuber, Daniel Sulzbach who makes various videos
    addressing depression as he has been through it himself, feel free to watch
    him as he says some very inspirational things.

  4. nuclearpoypoy says:

    How I would handle depression is to have a goal in mind. Something to
    strive for and feel satisfied when you reach it. If you work hard for
    whatever it is and not worry of what others think of the idea than you have
    a chance at succeeding. And I usually try to do good things for other just
    to make myself feel happy.

  5. Jenny22222222222 says:

    how did you afford therapy at 17? isnt it like 200 bucks per hour… 

  6. Arabella says:

    I would love you to speak about anxiety. I could go on and on about the
    severity of how hard it is to function everyday. The panic attacks and the
    constant fear

  7. Natatatalatalie Wolff says:

    Holy fuck this video really hit home.. Especially those social stigmas.
    Literally the most relateable video I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much,
    Daniel :)

  8. Chris Feliciano says:

    I have always had respect for you but now I have an even greater respect
    for you

  9. Le Enderman says:

    The yelling portion hurt a lot. I felt it in my chest. Nothing negative on
    you, but that’s how my body perceives it. 

  10. Caucasian Persuasion says:

    MrRepzion please talk about the topic of Social Anxiety. I would like to
    know more about it.

    I have felt like I have It but I don’t feel confident enough about the
    subject to self diagnose myself with it.

  11. Yella Dart says:

    The thing that makes depression and social anxiety so aggressive is how
    cyclical it is. You become convinced that you are worthless, in turn that
    causes you to utterly despise yourself, that in turn eventually causes you
    to distrust other people because you feel that they have nothing good to
    say about you, the longer it goes on, you start to dislike other people,
    even longer you begin to despise everyone as much as you despise yourself.
    You go from utter misery to intense anger and frustration, bouncing back
    and forth between the two. The biggest question in your mind becomes simply

  12. Mariana Gonzalez says:

    One of the worst things about being depressed (for me) is that you attract
    other depressed people. All of my friends end up having similar issues that
    I do. It’s like no matter what I can’t escape it. Just once I wish I could
    attract more positive people so that maybe they can rub off on me. .__.

  13. Z Pomers says:

    Thank you 🙂 I really did needed someone to tell me that being depressed is
    NOT a character flaw because everyone keeps telling me that it is. So thank
    you :)

  14. Short Life says:

    0:21 Everybody in my remaining family (except my mother who only
    occasionally comes to see me, maybe every 8-9 months, if lucky) abandoned
    me because epilepsy is perceived as a mental illness in itself. It could be
    argued that taking phenobarbital causes depression. It doesn’t really
    matter whether a mood disorder is natural in origin or caused by treatment.
    Loneliness is the worst punishment for the way you are born. I have to face
    it. It doesn’t matter without others. It’s a costly expense on someone of
    no value to others. I walk in other’s shoes. It’s disheartening. If
    only others wouldn’t have to suffer as I. Sometimes I need Walden to know
    how not to feel so lonely. That’s all I need. Everything else burdens
    others too much. Me and Walden. The companionship of the writer’s hand. An
    interesting, and detailed mind, now long dead. It’s a shame people like
    that cannot live on to write more about the birds, the maples, the loons on
    the pond, about neighbors helping neighbors, and about his discussions with
    Ralph Waldo Emerson; about another world. Then, I can collect myself and
    act like nothing phases me, but still think of the journey home to Ithica
    and it’s perils, and dream there is a meaning to it all. Though I know
    different. It works for me. Everyone’s different. Everyone knows themselves
    better than anyone else, and what works for them. 

  15. Vgrrl Dragon says:

    I think you almost made me cry at the beginning, but I had the instinct to
    hide it, though I’m alone.

  16. hobber mallow says:

    Is it depression if you
    -Nearly break down frequently
    -Are stressed 24/7
    -Sometimes think that you would be better off just ending it all
    I have all of these and I get tormented a LOT
    Am I semi-depressed?

  17. All Topixs says:

    You have a house over your head.

  18. Space-churro says:

    I don’t know much about depression.
    But, teachers have told me to get over being made fun of. and then feeling
    sad about it. I’ve been blamed for being made fun of for being bisexual.
    This is their literal words “You’re just asking for attention! There fore
    it’s okay for them to make fun of you.” Teachers and things, told me that I
    have an assload of problems ” Bad temper, bossy, possibility of depression,
    and anxiety. Has aspergers syndrome. ADHD. Does not work well with peers.
    seeks attention” (Literal from my IEP) and when I have those moments where
    I just want to die so bad I almost ran away so someone out in the streets
    would bring out a gun and just shoot me, and kill me. I feel so pathetic
    for wishing for death because people have had it MUCH worse than me. Like,
    my friends, who are beaten by bullies, forget to eat, and things. I hate
    feeling like i’m selfish and pathetic. Hearing all these stories about
    people wanting to kill autistics and aspies makes me so mad.
    I even feel bad about writing this, because I feel like I’m being an
    attention whore.
    Every comment i’ve made on your videos, which are large stories of things,
    makes me feel extremely guilty. I hate asking for help, because I don’t
    need it.

  19. Vetras Tsuriai says:

    Can definetly identify with most of it. But I never had problems with my
    surroundings in general, because I’ve build a pretty stable mask for these
    kinds of interactions.

    It even entertains me at times to see people having that “normal” image of
    me while not seeing “me” when I’m right in front of them. Quite ironic that
    that boosts my self confidence.

    But at the same time that disconected “me” from my surroundings up to a
    point where I have not even a glimpse of empathy towards anyone. Not even
    for my family.

    But it’s not that I hate myself for it. I accepted it, after analyzing the
    causes for that development.

    So I would advise everyone who deals with a similar situation: Don’t build
    a mask, if you care for anyone in your surrounding. You will most likely
    lose that.

  20. EnthalpyH says:

    It has gotten to a point for me now where nothing has worked. Medication,
    eating the right stuff, or travelling has really helped me. It’s gotten
    worse for me in my 20’s than when I was a teenager.

  21. dawson fenner says:

    I have depression and I never understood how to fake a smile… But that is
    part of my Aspergers.

  22. tristan vander-molen says:

    I got depression im the same as you im getting real help for cutting my
    hand with jagged glass from what I did the other night I gone a bit metal,
    greetings from England.

  23. LollyisaWolly says:

    Oh god. I’ve definitely heard this. Thank you for your story. It is helpful

  24. Zappire says:

    Love the Onision ads on Reps videos!

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