Dental Health : Can I Fly With an Abscessed Tooth?

Dental Health : Can I Fly With an Abscessed Tooth?

When the collection of infection that is an abscess builds, a great deal of pressure can build up and push against the tooth and gums. Avoid additional abscess discomfort through the pressures…

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4 Responses

  1. misssweetbabylove123 says:

    no way i didnt no that but 2 late i flew 2 spain a month ago lol but my
    absis is under my wisdom teeth and my wizdom tooth is not inline with my
    other teeth

  2. o says:

    If you can afford to fly you can afford to see a dentist to treat your

  3. trolledNtold says:

    You can reduce pressure in your head with a good sneeze. When the person
    sitting next to you on the plane is looking the other way, sniff some
    ground pepper from your lunch tray and sneeze at them once or twice. this
    will help

  4. Tim S says:

    Funny this guy made this video: I had a similier story in 08. I flew YVR to
    YEG and I had a ingrown hair on my arm with a small pocket of infection,
    well, it grew alot more as we passed thru 35,000 feet. You could feel the
    small pinch of pain as we went higher, then at 37k, the bubble burst, and i
    had the napkin from the drink service to mop up the pus that had burst. My
    seatmate was rather amused, lol

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