Dental Care & History : How to Brush Your Teeth With Strawberries

Brushing your teeth with strawberries mixed with baking soda will whiten teeth, but can also cause weakened tooth enamel and sensitivity. Have teeth professionally whitened, or use home whitening…
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11 Responses

  1. LakeyLuvAnimals23 says:

    Okay people, there is this thing called “toothpaste”. Not “fruit” Do they
    think we want to brush our teeth with fruit? Seriously?

  2. kiddiva12 says:

    ok so can we do this once in a week!

  3. HalfKaztBoy says:

    Doesn’t the strawberries just basically remove a very fine microscopic
    amount of enamal off your teeth revealing new white enamal? It’s basically
    like polishing brass and bronze, your just removing a very fine top layer
    revealing new brass. But in the long run if you keep doing it, all that
    enamal your removed will add up and your will have less enamal compared to
    not brushing with strawberries at all.

  4. Finnbarr Martin says:

    Well minus the strawberries? Will the acidic content vanish?

  5. BellaForLife09 says:

    Lol that’s how i understood it…

  6. Levi C. says:

    don’t you guys think that her voice sounds like rebecca black’s voice?

  7. John Ramsbottem says:

    i know right? i tought that too but she probably just wants you to spend
    loads of money on really expensive tooth whitening products!!!

  8. whodoyouthinkiam says:

    why not just do it once a week then lol

  9. PierceTheVeilOfMaya says:


  10. Utsusemi says:

    she really recommended crest white strips? bye bye

  11. Mark Mirabella says:

    @LakeyLuvAnimals23 Strawberries have special acids in them that actually
    WHITEN your teeth, rather than clean, disinfect and, leave minty breath.
    lol so it’s just an addition to toothpaste.

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