Deepika Padukone – “My Choice” Directed By Homi Adajania – Vogue Empower

What happens when 99 women from varying walks of life come together to send out one powerful message? A collaboration between director Homi Adajania and Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, …

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25 Responses

  1. VOGUE India says:

    What is the most empowering choice you have made as a woman?

  2. Sisi S says:

    i love Deepika but i will not agree with this stance and depiction of
    Another thing i will not stand by, is the bashing of the real concept of
    feminism. Feminism as an ideology has become so skewered and misconstrued
    that women thing they can hide behind its guise for all decisions in their
    life..i aim for a world that has equality for everyone (humanity before
    feminism any day, as men are beings that also have their fair share of
    problems generated by the female race)
    but my definition of feminism is to lend a hand to the women that are
    oppressed, trampled upon and have no voice. Feminism doesnt mean that i
    sleep with guys and deem that as a “CHOICE” that’s irresponsible and has no
    association to feminism or empowerment..
    i really dont understand what they were trying to prove with this message,
    but its pathetic and disgusting to say the least. True empowerment does not
    glorify irresponsible choices that have detrimental consequences, true
    empowerment comes from trying to make society better by contributing
    towards making it better.
    Imagine if all girls started sleeping around before, within or after
    marriage. How many more unprivileged children will be scattered around; not
    to talk about the spreading of more sexually transmitted diseases and
    spreading of immorality and filth?
    i would wanna exist in such a world. One should think about the
    consequences of their actions and not only about fulfilling their desires
    all the time. If a man does it and its not ok, a woman doing it will never
    ever be ok!!!!

  3. Charvi Singh says:

    I just keep coming back here to see the increase in the number of dislikes

  4. Aisha Mushtaq says:

    Fight the demon within urself and struggle to be pure , NOW THATS WHAT I
    CALL A WOMAN, but if u failed accidentally so stand up again and try to be
    pure again THATS WHAT I CALL WOMAN … Not selling urself and saying MY
    CHOICE .

  5. δimran Murar™ says:

    OMG!! I just saw my fav Youtuber!!!! +Scherezade Shroff !!!!! <3

  6. Navneet Kaur says:

    The Fuck do you mean by sex outside marriage? Its not anywhere even close
    to woman empowerment! Its simply cheating on your husband!! Why are you
    even married to him then? Go get divorced do whatever you want..I don’t
    know why this had to be included in the video! That made no sense really.
    Adultery is wrong! You cannot be ignorant and just say “MY CHOICE”.
    And What if your husband does the same and comes home to you and say ” MY
    CHOICE”, What would be your reaction then? STFU really.

  7. Shraddha Shreyashi says:

    now male bashing is the new call for women empowerment! well deepika I
    admire u alot but this went too far I guess…cuz women empowerment to me
    is about equality and not superiority… And when the society turns female
    dominant, we don’t wanna spent the next few years in male empowerment

  8. Revon Lie says:

    Sex outside marriage? Well your choice hun! NOT mine!

    All others messages are very powerful but this one sentence ruined the
    whole of it!

  9. Ranjith Vadiyala says:

    I am a Human Being, but I want to live like an Animal. Its My Choice – This
    is what this film is all about.

  10. Aakash says:

    *Feminists are dreaming a world without men* . In that case you people
    must invent a nuclear device which is genetically engineered to exterminate
    all Human males , You can launch those anti-male weapons to make sure each
    and every male from all age groups cease to exist on this planet. You will
    enjoy complete freedom , with no man to dictate , you will have no chains
    or restrictions….A world only for women , the ultimate dream of those who
    made this video or those who liked it.

  11. Esrat Maria says:

    Your each word can do a lot to your fans specially ur crazy young fans so i
    hope u know what messege u r delivering to them

  12. Malvika Shrivastava says:

    This video is all about playing with others’ feelings in the name of
    choice. You can’t possibly think of cheating on your husband if he loves
    you. It is not women empowerment, it is feminazism. These levels of
    selfishness can’t be tolerated in a civilized society like ours. Agreed,
    everyone has choices to make, but those choices should not hurt others.

  13. Saurabh Goel says:

    WTF.. So from now I should run naked on streets,scratch my crotch and fart
    everywhere, cheat all girls.. #MyChoice

  14. Ibrahim Alowaisi says:

    Homi Adajania like his wife Anaita Shroff have a sex with others

  15. Neli Zuljan says:

    For all the women out there…

    What happens when 99 women from varying walks of life come together to send
    out one powerful message?

    A collaboration between director Homi Adajania and Bollywood actor Deepika
    Padukone, ‘My Choice’ is one more short film made dedicated to #VogueEmpower,
    Vogue India’s social awareness initiative.

    “In my family, my father is the only male in the house, but all of us have
    a voice,”says Padukone. “I’ve always been allowed to be who I want to be.
    When you’re not caged, when you don’t succumb to expectation, that’s when
    you’re empowered.”

    The aim of the Vogue Empower initiative, launched with the seventh
    anniversary issue, is to encourage people to think, talk and act in ways
    big or small on issues pertaining to women’s empowerment. The message is
    simple: It starts with you.

  16. sachin bhutare says:

    Irresponsible Choice …. स्त्रियानी स्वातंत्राचा स्वैराचार न करता
    मर्यादांचे पालन करावे..

  17. Sabana Basumatary says:

    After having watched this elitist campaign on feminism, possibly the only
    positive outcome for me is to learn about Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, a
    documentary filmmaker, who is carrying forward this fight for gender
    equality in its truest sense. Firstly feminism doesn’t endorse adultery and
    this video distorts the very meaning of women empowerment. It is sexist and
    does more harm by taking such a reductionist approach in understanding
    complex women related issues. Further it is disturbing to come across
    statistics which suggest high incidence of abuse of gender laws that have
    pushed many to take their own lives. This does no good for the women who
    are actually at the receiving end for violation of their rights. Like how
    is it wrong to say that all men are rapists, it is equally wrong to
    perceive all women as victims. 

  18. Abhimanyu Chaturvedi says:


  19. Parul Agrawal says:

    Miss Padukone…What is wrong is wrong. It cannot be wrong for the one &
    right for the other. Similarly, having extra martial affair & so many other
    things that were telecasted in the video are wrong for both the sexes. You
    cannot demand them as your right. This is not what women empowerment is.
    Your choice should not promote the things which are wrong.

  20. Monisha Slemmermann says:

    that choice kinda sounds too selfish!

  21. Bharath Swaminathan says:

    How is it that 46k people like it? 

  22. Mehul Soni says:

    Deepika Padukone – “My Choice” Directed By Homi Adajania – Vogue Empower:

  23. Krishna Kash says:

    miss Deepika Ur Just a Women not the Supreme God.. STFU.. n keep quite

  24. Priya Jain says:

    Indian mind really is caged they think if a girl is given her choice she
    will use it illogically. Like if she is given the choice to wear choosing
    clothes she will choose to go naked only!!! Like really wtf… Maybe that’s
    y there is no man in this video bcz if boys were given this choice they
    would defiantly be using it by going naked….

  25. Jyotibrata Dey says:


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