Debt/car-free tiny house couple: simple living + resilience

Six years ago, Tammy Strobel was unhappy- “I was commuting 2 hours a day, going to a job I hated, overweight, unhappy, kind of middle class plight”. Then she watched a youtube video featuring…
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  1. unatics says:

    35K and $500 /month? What? Are they parking it in downtown Manhattan?

  2. NegraMonroe says:

    This has been very informative and inspiring. I needed to see this video
    and an actual couple living in a tiny house. I am very motivated after
    this! Thank you!

  3. aviansoul says:

    Awful lot of hate in the comments here, so I’ll offer up my two cents: I
    firmly believe that this couple has taken a huge step in the right
    direction! Was the price of the tiny house expensive? Yes! However, the
    quality is obviously there; apparently the safety aspect as well. Homes
    that will be traveling on wheels do need to be built correctly! Of course,
    my interest leans more toward a much less expensive do-it-yourself
    approach… but, if I had the resources ($), I know a few top quality
    carpenters in my area who could build a much better tiny house than I, and
    I would be more than happy to pay them what they deserve for their skills!
    As for renting land, who knows how much land costs in the area they
    live? Property taxes…? The usual government rigamarole etc… The fact
    that they apparently come from successful families – what some here in the
    comments have called “privilege” – gives me hope. I grew up dirt poor
    surrounded by privilege, and live in a wealthy county now still surrounded
    by it ( and yes! I’m still poor). So what? I rarely ever in my life fell
    for the whole jealousy thing, and even as a child confronted those who
    would claim superiority because their parents dealt them a better hand in
    life! SEE PAST THAT NONSENSE! It’s just more divide and conquer culturally
    ingrained BS, meant to keep us all AT each other rather than WITH each
    other! These two have seen through and past some of the illusions
    presented to us all, and have moved away from them. Well done, if you ask
    As for myself, I’m looking for land, necessarily of the very cheap
    variety; with the intention of living in something small. I’m thinking
    permaculture, as off grid as possible, and communal! Who’s in…?


  4. Crystal Roessner says:

    CUTE!!!! LOVE IT

  5. Gami Shin says:

    It was all cool, until I saw the toilet… 

  6. María Martínez Ruiz says:

    Where is the bahroom…. the shower? buth? XD

  7. Kam Jo says:

    LOL I have a 4 bedroom ranch style brick home with 3 acres of land and I
    pay a $384 house payment a month. Electric is usually around $140. I win.

  8. CyborgNinja7 says:

    This is nice, but I’m confused by a few things. It costs $500 to rent that
    land, then $35,000 for the tiny home, and it costs less than a car? The
    first two things are not really saving you much money at all (and let’s be
    honest, you won’t live in that house forever), and only a luxury car costs
    that much.

  9. Deric Kettel says:

    Never used more than 7 amps? Uhhh that air conditioner uses more than

  10. says:

    It’s not finished yet but we have been carefully counting the cost and
    expect it to come in at around $10 grand (mostly new materials) There are
    people using salvaged materials and getting tinies down to a couple grand
    and looking very nice. Ours is 32ft with full bathroom, W/D, kitchen, a
    loft and will be able to function on or off grid in sub zero temps. Lumber
    yards will work deals with you if you buy a lot and you can often find
    stuff on sale or clearance. The flat bed we built it on was a trade for
    labor on craigslist – it came with decent tires. The main cost for us has
    been the labor – if you count the hours of labor then yes it is expensive
    but very worth it and still cheaper than RV’s. Cheap RV’s almost always
    have water damage, mold, tiny nasty showers and just gross.

  11. Piper43078 says:

    you should have used a kerosene stove. much better. you store a reserve
    of kerosene in a barrel outside. butterfly kerosene stoves.

  12. fro0tyl0opy87 says:

    I’m all for this way of living. It seems wonderful, but they’re only
    looking at the present and not how they will manage as they get older when
    their needs change. How will they adapt to climbing up that ladder if one
    of them is on a walking stick?

  13. Paul H says:

    I love the whole self sufficiency, simple living etc but that house just
    looks too small and the 100 things idea is a good idea but living along to
    it is too zealous in my opinion, I don’t think most people could live like
    that long term but I could be wrong. I think you need to give yourself a
    little breathing room, say 250 items, and a bit more room in the house.

  14. Angela Bradford says:

    Debt/car-free tiny house couple: simple living + resilience:

  15. Ioanna*Warrior4YHWH says:

    Hahaha! Not cool man! I gotta have a little more space than that!

  16. abdul muhaimin abdul ghani says:

    #ceritaharijumaat #rumahkecil
    Bismilah. Ikutkan kita mencari bakal isteri yang bleh duduk rumah kecil.

    Patutkah cari awek mat salleh. Hantaran hanya satu kontena sahaja.

  17. dedi Sembiring says:

    How much the Cost you spend to Bulldog the house?

  18. Ron Grodell says:
  19. Farewell VHS says:

    Very honest. No pie in the sky. Still compelling :)

  20. Shiny Things says:

    If the house is rocking’ don’t come knockin’

  21. Joselin Guadalupe Saragosa Pineda says:

    Esta súper naco jajajajajajajajja

  22. Pleasant Lake Pirate says:

    Bare feet and a dry bucket of human shit. cozy

  23. 8day Collective says:

    brilliant !!

  24. Michael Allstadt says:

    May I please use this video in a kickstarter campaign so they know what I’m
    talking about to raise money to build my own?

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