Dealing with People when Selling On kijiji and Craigslist!/bullshitkorner if you have ever tried selling anything online like kijiji or craigslist then you’ll know what I mean of what a headache it is. this video is about selling…
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  1. Marguerite Auger says:

    Just to let ppl no that’s not me that left that msg about the couches ók.

  2. Tina Pelech says:

    Hey, So many haters out there, the guy who bought your bike sounds like a
    douche bag,tell him to buy from a dealer if hes to stupid to fix used

  3. VideoRookie says:

    You might want to stand to the side when doing green screen.

  4. Kijiji Busters says:

    …..Another scam! Just waiting to happen!

  5. Kijiji Busters says:

    Do your research ,very good point! Great Video! Kijiji ,Craigs List is a
    bunch of F%@K-UPS! We get the worst up here in Canada. We investigate all
    kinds of bull shit!

  6. niceguy4dmp says:

    Agree have the same problems it get very annoying fast

  7. Nagaserpent Merderer says:


  8. jasonkgreen811 says:

    fuck people

  9. boom boom mc gee says:

    burn that toque !!!!!!

  10. ben deko says:

    I am sooo pissed!
    Some prick tells me he just bought a high end guitar for $650.
    I was trying to sell my guitar (same one) for $ 2000.00.
    Then this prick tells me he bought his at a well known dealer.
    and then when I asked for proof, he even posted some bills and receipts and
    So I phoned the exact same store that this prick was mentioning and spoke
    to the manager.
    The manager called “Bullshit” telling me this never happened!!!
    then another prick asks me to allow pay pal and a friend of his will pick
    it up?
    nfw…the add stated cash $2000.
    so….I put an add in kijiji calling this prick out and kijiji gives ME
    This kijiji bunch give your email address to strangers who fuc you around
    and then when you call them out, bam

  11. Bullshitkorner says:

    yes I agree as well, it’s either you want it or you don’t. some people
    always try to haggle for a cheaper price

  12. Bullshitkorner says:

    most likely hahahahah

  13. Bullshitkorner says:

    thanks man, I have some more bmw videos coming in the future, have to
    replace a rear coil spring, while i’m at it going to replace some rear
    bushings. Once my jeep is out of the garage and finished i want to do the
    crankcase breather and whatever else needs to be done

  14. Bullshitkorner says:

    sure did, he didn’t even put the kick stand up when he took it for a rip

  15. Bullshitkorner says:

    always do your research and know what your getting into and what to look
    for is all i tell people. everything has it’s issues you just have to be
    able to deal with them when they happen

  16. Stephen Craig says:

    do you let a buyer test ride the bike?

  17. Ricky Sams says:

    awesome vid,,been there done that,,im with you bro,,

  18. aidan wigmore says:

    Im on your side. Plus im about to get something maybe on ebay or kijijii
    but i will research the problems with the product

  19. Ana P says:

    I hate it when you state a deal on the phone and both parties agree.. and
    then when they come they try to negotiate a lower price making it more
    akward.. ugh

  20. aky19832001 says:

    Great points brother.

  21. Benargee says:

    The people who disliked this video are the ones who didn’t do their
    research haha

  22. George Gotsis says:

    just ignore them man, you did nothing wrong. people are just unreasonable.
    thanks for the vids they are great, specially the bmw ones!

  23. Bullshitkorner says:

    ya i totally know what you mean, I always put sold as on the bill of sale.
    I sold him the bike for way under what it’s worth, but being a indian it
    was a hard sell as people are scared of what to do when it breaks down and
    where to get parts for it.

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