WHOA! BONUS VIDEO THIS WEEK. I saw the movie St. Vincent and it made me think about being cranky. I get cranky. You get cranky. We all get cranky. Let’s deal with it together. Trailer: http://bit…

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24 Responses

  1. Summer Madness says:

    “Whoa, cranky pants! Got up on the cranky side of the bed, put on a pair of
    cranky pants, then put on a cranky shirt, looked at her cranky self in the
    mirror and was like ‘Oh this looks stupid!’. Then she changed into a cranky
    dress and looked at herself in a cranky mirror and was like ‘Oh this looks
    stupider!’. Then she decided to go with it, walked into a cranky kitchen,
    the walls went ‘crank crank crank crank’ because they were old walls. Then
    she walked into her cranky kitchen and poured herself some cranky O’s. Ate
    ‘em, choked on ‘em, died.” – Grace Helbig

  2. wakeruncollapse says:

    I know this comment will get buried, but I wanted you to know that right
    now, in this moment, your video was exactly what I needed. So thank you.

  3. Grace Helbig says:
  4. Diamond Mike says:

    Being able to see Grace’s upper arms reminds me of my Amish porno tape

  5. Abraham H says:

    Why do her boobs look so big in this video?

  6. Ryan Lamont says:

    I’m only cranky when I don’t have wi-fi 

  7. JustonWasHere says:

    grace actually giving helpful advice? the world is ending.

  8. AndrewProductionsTV says:

    There are 2 kinds of people:

    1) Happy morning people

    2) Cranky morning people that fantasize about killing the happy morning

  9. Lillian Lee says:

    i feel like we rarely see grace’s upper arms.
    i feel weird

  10. Sarah Miller says:

    I think its sad that all the comments are talking about Grace’s body and
    how hot she is, and not how funny and amazing the video was. Being a woman
    in comedy is very challenging. I applaud you, Grace!

  11. Rachel Anastasia says:

    1. This video is wonderful.
    2. I love your outfit.
    3. Grace why are your hands so white?

  12. TheReelCorner says:

    I’m definitely a cranky one. I exercise to vent. And I run 5km (3 miles)
    every day.

    I wouldn’t drink with me either.

  13. Lamon Wade says:

    I’m a teenager and 90% of adults I meet are so much crankier than me

  14. ChakraW says:

    Good point. Just keep in mind one thing.. Not all cranky people are being
    evil. They might be suffering from a form of depression and we’re really
    trying hard to get rid of the stigma so that people will get help and stop
    being cranky.

  15. Ashley Dufault says:

    I PMS for way longer than the average woman and can relate to this more
    than I should. 

  16. Benjamin Rome Clarke says:

    “And if you are a robot that feels emotions … cool job, Japan!”

  17. Cloud2 says:

    thos boobs doe

  18. BamaGuyRTR says:

    Love these videos! Everyone is cranky at some point in their daily life. 

  19. Breanna Mellark says:

    grace makes me happier then anything else could

  20. Breanna Allen says:

    “Cool job, Japan!” It would be the Japanese…wouldn’t it? Lol

  21. Jettchick says:

    is it me or her boobs are huge

  22. Loser Mayson says:

    Is she reading from her guide book?? Or is she just really this good at
    talking on a subject?

  23. jaluck says:

    I’m sure someone here has already written somthing like this, but being a
    cranky bastard I don’t care: I’m lookig forward to seeing how the people
    around me whom I know are Grace Helbig subscribers start handling my cranky
    ass! 8-)

  24. carly morgan says:

    you are so beautiful omgggg

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