Dave Kaufman – Holton Rower Tall Painting

Director, Producer, and Editor – Dave Kaufman Paintings by Holton Rower just a little mix and match.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses

  1. Giuseppe G says:

    #painting #tallpainting #art #artist #loveit

  2. Rachel White says:

    to those who think this is not art: this is NOT easy: firstly, one would
    have to choose which colors to use and in what order; secondly, what kind
    of paint to use – too thick and it won’t run, too thin and it will just
    wash together or spread out too thin; thirdly how much to pour on each
    layer and how you pour it – notice how careful they are, not just dumping
    it on all at once, especially towards the end; oh and I also forgot about
    the boxes, the shape/height of which determine how the paint moves; I’m
    sure there are other details, this is just what came to my mind watching
    the videos

  3. AJ Ebrahimnejad says:

    You guys…I’ve seen people throwing garbage in a parking lot and they
    filmed it and called it art. People express themselves in different ways.
    Why judge? Let them do their own thing.

  4. crsseventyone says:

    Who gets to decide if something is called art?? The critics?? Fuck the
    critics…we do what we do because we love doing it. Even if its making a
    mess on the floor and calling it art.

  5. Kalki Subramaniam says:

    Amazing.. just loved the idea. The results are vert interesting. 

  6. Animelover24609 says:

    Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. Seriously if you hated this then
    why the fuck are you even here to criticize. I suggest you get your
    priorities straight and stop being immature.

  7. Harrison Schacht says:

    People are such haters behind closed doors…..that was cool. Nice work

  8. Learner-Learns says:

    This what you can do with a lot of paint and very little talent.

  9. Eric Noya says:

    #tallpainting #tallpaintings #paintpouring 

  10. naly202 says:

    this is terribly interesting but i m the sort of person who likes to
    economize (espacially paint). so, watching this movie i can t help feeling
    that paint is being wasted. 

  11. cathedralnightmare says:

    I don’t get it, people complain about this but turn around and praise
    Pollock or Warhöl or even the people of the BauHaus. I have nothing against
    them, but in their time they did similar stuff. Did you know there’s a
    painting by Pollock called “The Line”, and it’s literally just a line on a
    white background? And people still praise it. Warhöl was a ready-made
    artist, and not even that, he was a graphic and industrial designer, the
    bauhaus was the same… I just don’t get how can people be so brutal. I was
    the same, but because I thought I was another species for studying art, now
    I know I was wrong… We need humility, people.

  12. Aznponie12 says:

    Okay I’m NOT saying this is not art. I love its pattern and all
    but….whats the point? Like why did you do this? What is the meaning of
    this piece?????

  13. Solid StrangeDew says:

    Damn, that’s pretty! *This* is what I call art!

  14. jacklyn says:

    Heart breaking to see all that paint wasted & the sad music made it

  15. Skylyn Humbert says:

    What type of paint was used doing this? does anyone know??

  16. Wojtek Batko says:

    Tall Painting: http://youtu.be/d6egUsZvWu4

  17. Sarrah Zs says:

    What kind of paint ??? 

  18. Marina Machumi says:

    Oh, cool 🙂 I wonder how well it would turn out with other shapes of wood,
    like stars or something?

  19. Laura Myers says:

    Holton Rower, grandson of Alexander Calder, an inspired application of
    paint on a surface.

  20. Anthony S Han says:

    Tall Painting: http://youtu.be/d6egUsZvWu4

  21. Ren Kretzmer says:

    Wow, guys…so critical! Just because someone doesn’t have a good voice,
    doesn’t mean their efforts to sing don’t qualify as singing. Art is
    expressing oneself through the act of creating. For some, it’s
    recreating…and for others, it’s a looser approach like the one above.
    Whether you find the pieces attractive or not, they are still art. Just
    because someone isn’t musically talented, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be
    allowed to sing if it brings them enjoyment. Likewise, these individuals
    seemed to enjoy the creation of these pieces…and there are those that
    would pay money to obtain them to display on their walls. Lay off. For
    what it’s worth, I’m an artist that prefers realistic looking
    material…but it’s very stressful to get every stroke or stiple just
    right. I find work like this freeing and refreshing. If you feel offended
    that this is considered art, then you have a pride issue. Sorry. 

  22. bob slap says:

    LAME!!!! they do that with soap….

  23. BCBluntzz420 says:

    What a bunch of talentless shit. What people call “art” these days is

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