Cute Girls Hairstyles – Natural Hair Ponytails This is a fun and easy hairstyle. This style will last up to 7 to 10 days with proper care. This is an everyday hairstyle that can also be worn for a special occassion…
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24 Responses

  1. Kia Blain says:
  2. Danyell Thomas says:

    Where did u get those ponytail holders 

  3. Shaquana Farmer-Goolsby says:

    Her hair is beautiful! Thanks for the pomade and doubling up the band tip:)



  5. Acacia Davis says:

    Y’all funny trying to bash this woman for doing her daughter hair the way
    some of y’all don’t like. Like be serious at least she comb her hair! Going
    to far then calling her out of her name smh. 

  6. MuslimaUponSalafyyah10 says:

    Hi Kia i have a question wat is the brand n name of the edge control you
    use on ur daughters hair? Thanks.

  7. Shan Williams says:

    Super cute! Definetly going to give it a try

  8. Camille Ingram says:

    too cute

  9. KaTrinika Dixon says:

    I have not seen those bow rets ( misspelled) in years where did u get

  10. Janay Dixon says:

    Edge control actually made my edges thin…. but I use black tiny scrunches
    I stead of rubber bands because of how fragile my daughter’s hair is. 

  11. gucci Reaves says:

    Yes I love edge control on my kids hair it’s only thing keep it neat sad
    ppl with negative comments on that it works for me my kids have nice hair
    thanks I love her ponytail

  12. Julie Kramer says:

    So cute!! Can’t wait to try this!

  13. chrissy Immanuel says:
  14. Tasheen Furtick says:

    She got alot of hair

  15. mrstexas777 says:

    Isn’t the daily water more drying than moisturizing? Yes, it will allow you
    to comb through at the moment, but once it dries won’t it contribute to an
    overall dryer head of hair?

  16. Shiny Candi says:

    Such a great way to protect the ends – love this, cute.

  17. ladygunnz2330 says:

    She looks so cute..just like a lil girl,I love that u use bows,knockers,and
    borettes like the old days.not weave

  18. CrmlG72 says:

    Ooh you make my head hurt looking at you pulling and combing through that
    baby’s hair so hard!

  19. tianna james says:

    she is ridiculous really edge control is just about the worst thing to add
    in your hair >:(

  20. Kaiyah Ferguson says:
  21. breoni Fontenot says:

    I’m scared of rubber bands i never ever used them on girls hair i twist the
    hair a little and place the barrette 

  22. LaToya Hall says:

    That was really cute!! Thank you for the tip on the edge control because
    I’m learning to do my daughter’s hair and I noticed the bumps around her
    edges from the tight ponytails. I was so concerned about that and didn’t
    know how to make the smooth sections. Thanks again!!

  23. MuslimaUponSalafyyah10 says:

    Hi Kia i have a question wat is the brand n name of the edge control you
    use on ur daughters hair? Thanks.

  24. Mellisa Berger says:

    That’s cute

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