Cute Food: How to Make a Baked Potato “Hippotatomus”

Wanna be a “cute chef” and make some CUTE FOOD?! Well , here’s how to make the cutest baked potato you’ve ever seen! A “Baked Potato-potamus”! Turn a regular old baked potato into the cutest…

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22 Responses

  1. Aidan Go says:

    Cantilope!, Bananastritch!, and Tacodile

  2. Victor Martinez says:

    can you do the strawberry please

  3. Shaun Johnson says:

    Make berry, shrimpanzee, and banana ostrich

  4. Scott Heywood says:

    How old is Kandee 

  5. Kayla D says:

    Make more of these videos i like them

  6. Robin Dever says:

    Instead of using toothpicks, you can break off little pieces of uncooked
    spaghetti to stick the teeth on. The spaghetti softens from the moisture &
    becomes edible too! 

  7. Ciara Ford says:

    Make more

  8. Olivia Asciutto says:


  9. Juan Santos says:

    Could you do the banana one please

  10. BeautyByMe says:

    How old is kandee?

  11. Dwayna Wilmington says:

    oh i love Kandee!

  12. Natalee Osborn says:

    I think it is so cute and I mean the potato

  13. Kendall Edwards says:


  14. Kandeeland says:
  15. Madison Brignac says:

    Yes please

  16. Oonagh Murphy says:

    Yes please

  17. mahayo sun says:


  18. Amund Schofield says:

    More ani-food

  19. PENGuin cupcakes:3 says:

    make the pickles

  20. Tay Tot says:


  21. Geraldine Olivares says:

    Make more food characters Kandee! There soo cute! 

  22. xxxInfinitySnowyNinjaxxx Games says:

    Wait … Never mind 

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