CS:GO – Justice For Cheaters

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25 Responses

  1. NaToSaphiX - Unique CS:GO Content says:

    I left his twitch and steam link in description, go report him guys. :)

  2. NaToSaphiX - Unique CS:GO Content says:

    Omfg guys, I just found something sick.
    I’m doing a video of how people tend to scam knives and so on, click on to
    a over 2 months old Reddit thread with a link to an account that is
    supposedly owned by a Romanian cheater who also scams knives. I click on
    the account and notice that the first comment is by the cheater from this


  3. Frektel Felms says:

    Rek that skrub

  4. TheHumbleGamer says:

    I almost reported your twitch XD. I thought it was his.

  5. MasterBit says:

    Please dont call german people nazis, it’s extremely offensive.

  6. Mike 'sadcide' Klingenberg says:

    im german and its really true, i never hacked in my life but like 70percent
    of my friends hack or at least hacked.. 

  7. Legend says:

    This video was GENIUS.
    Hit me up, if you ever need help with anything!

  8. Tim Hardscope 〈3 says:

    I am german. And I can say, that Germans rage, yeah. But we still dont hack

  9. RGameFire says:

    definition of a real NOOB. playing with hacks and still loosing:)

  10. Adrian Oneasca says:

    Worst cheater ever….I’m 100x times better at silent-cheating than he is..

  11. Nick 'Tear' says:

    Cheaters mainly are lame lazy players who can’t play,so the use hacks,this
    means they don’t have a fast reaction,this is why a lot of times normal
    players kill them anyway,we challenge ourselves to be better.

  12. Brian Griffin says:

    I remember one time when i played CS:Go competive i played one round where
    there was a hacker in my team we won becouse he hacked, Then i played
    Another game where i lost, then i played again and there the hacker was
    again and we won. Both times we didnt try to kick him but i reported him
    after the first match.

  13. Ziiakyn Bro' says:

    6:01 , the guy said : i burn your mother, son of a bitch :p

  14. Honey Badger says:

    IAm german and iam not cheat and iam alone for n ocheating in silver 2 😀
    and i get vac ban for nothink i dont know how i didnt paly 2 months so i
    buy new game andthey give me again silver 2 i dont must play 10 games so
    GG VAlve :/ but items didnt give :/

  15. Abra Cadabra says:

    Only stupid fucking romanians would cheat, god damn i hate this fucking
    country full of retarded people.

  16. t o u R i s t says:

    hahahha, thats not cheat, its just Asian warmup

  17. Patrick Pogosian says:

    6:03 lmao that french guy sayed i burn your mom lol

  18. thegregster101 says:

    that account is not even vac-ed..

  19. Russell Hammond says:

    i like how you said about germans always turning on hacks.. so funny. i
    gave up on mm purely because of this, i now play esea and when your owning
    them they whining so bad… its the same with portuguese cry baby cheaters

  20. TheUnknownContact #1 says:

    He is romanian , I know that just by looking at his name.You see , they are
    great at cheating and not playing fair … same thing goes with politics…

  21. ChaosOnTour says:

    When german players loose they cheat? dafug? i’ve got to be some sort of

  22. Jeffry Maiato says:

    Hey guys I have a question (I’m kind of noob) are more items given out at
    the end of higher level competetives? Because in silver 1 only 0-2 items
    are usually given out.

  23. TheGraveAccent says:

    I love the “I DON;T CARE SHIT”


  24. ruff0r says:

    Dude WTF….
    You just insulted every German playing this hack blooded game.

    A German guy.

  25. Mathias Ottsen says:

    I dont get it, how come he havent gotten an overwatch ban?

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