Cross-country Stop Motion (Home – Whole-Z Remix)

Elan and Max drive cross country to find the meaning of life in Santa Barbara CA. WOOWOO!
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25 Responses

  1. amber230 says:

    this is awesome

  2. Samwil82 says:

    Nice! Just what I needed to get me in the mood for a trip! Great editing &
    song choice. cheers

  3. deadheadhoodie says:

    this is a great video… Also for NH.. planning on doing a two month cross
    country trip.. any tips… or places i need to see….

  4. Elan Alexenberg says:

    @lllistenuppp Do it. Lot’s of fun. Take a couple weeks to drive it if you
    can and stop along the way instead of rushing it like we did

  5. Michelle Stoner says:

    this rules. my friends and I live in Boston and are thinking of going on a
    trip together this summer. a stop motion is in order

  6. Elan Alexenberg says:

    @burmang Hey man, we used a canon 7d to get the pictures. It is all just
    still frames. We would take picture sequences – about 5 to 10 shots of one
    action at a time. We got a bit over 3,000 pictures in all. We then took all
    the pictures and put them into a Final Cut Pro timeline having each picture
    appear for 2 frames. that came out to something like 15 pictures a second.

  7. burmang says:

    What did you guys film with and what program did you use to edit it
    together? How did you get the stop motion look?

  8. Michael Shingleton says:

    Great video…the speed is a trip. For some reason I thought about a wagon
    train in 1849.

  9. sgreatorex22 says:

    Love it

  10. Elan Alexenberg says:

    @drehblumen It is called Home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

  11. drehblumen says:

    @ElanAlexenberg thx for the info, btw great video

  12. Elan Alexenberg says:

    @jdwhelan It is home-whole-z-remix, look for it on media fire

  13. drehblumen says:

    could you tell us the name of the song?

  14. Knightsdivine says:

    So did you find the meaning of life? What is it?

  15. jdwhelan says:

    Where did you get this remix?

  16. denchalproductions says:

    what song is this?

  17. Elan Alexenberg says:

    @nowsounder It is playing 15 picture a second

  18. mmkayslut says:

    wow very glad I found this. re-watched it three times. partly just to hear
    the music play partly because it’s an amazing video. I’ve driven from
    Vermont to Oregon, Oregon back to Vermont, Vermont to New Mexico, and in
    ten days I will be leaving New Mexico and driving to Ohio. this video is
    much more entertaining than any of the drives have been though haha.

  19. TheCaveBoys says:

    dude this is so sick!

  20. Elan Alexenberg says:

    @bostonsluggo NewEnglandInstituteofArtandSantaBarbara

  21. Andrew Justice says:

    cool video…. like the cop scene

  22. Elan Alexenberg says:

    @justinbrillo1 New Hampshire

  23. Elan Alexenberg says:

    @lujia It’s Home – whole-j remix

  24. lujia says:

    @drehblumen Home

  25. Nefertiti Abeja says:

    this is so cute…

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