Coup D’etat – French in English – ESL British English Pronunciation

Coup D'etat - French in English - ESL British English Pronunciation An explanation of the French phrase – a coup d’etat.

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  1. UWBadgers10 says:

    thank you for the video. I was arguing with a friend of mine on how to
    correctly pronounce the word. This should settle it.

  2. Terence Christian says:

    Thanks Mr! This helped a lot as we had a lot of differing opinions on how
    the word is pronounced!

  3. LucasKoBro says:

    This was informative, so thanks. Also, you have a marvelous voice. 

  4. Cyrah Hawkins says:


  5. Thor says:

    Excellent! Concise, informative and to the point!

  6. Katherine2011ism says:

    Thank You!

  7. Nathan Wiersma says:

    Rob Ford brought me here.

  8. Olivia CATWARD PUSSYLOVER says:

    thank you 🙂 

  9. Teroine Foma says:

    santa claus saves the day 

  10. Jennifer Gutierrez says:

    thank you for this! it was very informative

  11. Corey Gerard says:

    Cool beard.

  12. MsGaughin says:


  13. Bulba2036 says:

    I fucking love this guy. xD

  14. expatxile says:


  15. blackgold161 says:


  16. SlappMeDo says:


  17. ThisIsUnrealReality says:

    It’s the beard.

  18. girlatlantis says:


  19. Oskar Kruse says:

    Thank you, was hard to try and figure it out on my own 🙂

  20. Eric Delgado says:

    Haha it’s the beard

  21. hiphopknights says:

    Great video!

  22. jolandacaterina says:

    Hi Alex! I`m back!

  23. devilkapper says:

    Thank you so much

  24. Kylie Wu says:

    GD ~~ :”>

  25. TheZRW says:


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