Cool Story Chlo #14: Microsoft finally reverses its DRM policy! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?

Chloe explains what DRM means for us, and how she feels about all this madness. Then she pours one out for a homie. Follow me on the Twitternets!: @skydart.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Iolous says:

    You could make an awesome jean grey/phoenix cosplay!

  2. Chloe Dykstra says:
  3. Tedakin says:

    You can use your 360 disc so it will be backward compatible? Huh?

  4. InvaderSpliff says:

    “family share plan” sounds like a complete disaster waiting to happen
    anyways. Im glad microsoft got rid of all that nonsense as they were on the
    track to end up like sega. Now they have a good chance of surviving this
    console cycle.

  5. Blakkset says:

    I was afraid that was gonna be an issue. Every PC game I’ve ever seen has
    tthe windows logo on it. So not even PC is an option to avoid MS. SONY it
    is then.

  6. AntrAcsA says:

    I do not hear and do not see anything after looking Her 😡

  7. SP33R0mint says:

    instant subscribe

  8. Christobanistan says:

    Perhaps without DRM it is possible to use the sharing feature to spoof
    identities and copy games indefinitely. I dunno. This security stuff is
    really complicated.

  9. Chris Knowles says:

    so xbox one can play xbox 360 games?

  10. Max Segal says:

    Did you even see the Nintendo Direct? they had plenty to show. I’m going
    sony, but I have a Wii U and it’s not nearly as bad as everyone makes it
    sound. New smash bros, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, super mario 3d world,
    and Pokemon x and y all looked great. get your facts straight before you
    join the bandwagon of Wii U hate.

  11. AlexGhoro says:

    DRM was the right path, the future of gaming is more like Steam NOT like
    the current gen consoles, now we are stuck in the past, keep paying alot of
    money for shity games…

  12. Suzi Leigh says:

    It would be fun if you did a Cool Story Chlo about tattoos, I’d love to see
    which ones you have.

  13. Viesturs Teivāns says:

    Don’t agree with this one. In my opinion those DRM restrictions where
    pointless to begin with. Since so called Steam model has already been
    working on consoles for quite some time now both in playstation network and
    xbox live, where you can purchase your game online, that way loosing the
    ability to share your copy of game but in turn getting cheaper games and
    never loosing your copy of the game, just like on steam. Steam also doesn’t
    ask to go online every 24 hours as far as i know.

  14. ThisisRubbishlo says:


  15. Jordan Britton says:

    im keeping my Xbox ..not a big fan of the PS3

  16. John Venzone says:

    I think most of this is the right move but I think you should to be able to
    do the family share thing with the games you buy and download off xbox live

  17. Sethnotasithsr says:

    Cutest female gamer. Hands down!!

  18. minorducats says:

    Still getting the PS4

  19. NatBat says:

    Shut up. She probably knows more about video games than you.

  20. Kris Jones says:

    While I didn’t have an issue with their original DRM and online
    requirements (we love gaming online), it is cool that they are engaged
    enough to listen to feedback and adjust their policies. Some of the
    features impacted by the reversal were pretty cool, too, and for those I am
    a bit bummed but it was probably still the better business decision.

  21. Clarence Thompkins says:

    Damnit Chloe….you’re amazingly HOT!

  22. AO こんぺき says:

    not happy about them taking away the DRM 😛

  23. AshOVO says:

    I wouldnt feel pity, its a bit of payback from the absolute demolition job
    on this generations consoles. So embarrassing for sony.

  24. DeathbyDoughnut says:

    It means that they can remove the DRM until a year or so after the console
    releases, so everyone has already bought it, then implement DRM so people
    are stuck with DRM whether they want it or not, but has already paid for
    the system.

  25. Chloe Dykstra says:

    It’s an easy and effective way of editing?

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