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25 Responses

  1. PsycheTruth says:

    *** Take Control of _ YOUR_ Hunger**
    Corrina Rachel shares a simple,cheap and realistic Method!

  2. mike jones says:

    love this channel… thank you for helping me understand this crazy world. 

  3. Peter Mark says:

    Really informative video thank you, just speed up the vids 1.3X they are
    kind of slow imo and Corrina are you single?

  4. pantzosk says:

    LOL i loved the expression eating is a need of life ha…

  5. Madalina Caramarcu says:

    Why do I get hungry so quickly after eating vegetables or fruits and don`t
    get that hungry after eating meet, pasta or rice?

  6. Diamond Johnson says:

    If you can run from a cheetah cuz of stored fat/energy then how come
    overweight ppl are too out of shape to successfully run from one? 

  7. Rib Maharjan says:

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  8. Monir hasan says:
  9. Rosella Beverly says:

    You are amazing. Thank you so much for creating these videos! you have
    changed my life. Keep up the good work! Women all over the world need to
    know this!

  10. Katrina Ostrander says:

    TLDR: eat your veggies. Guess mom was right after all.

  11. Mohidul Hassan says:

    Hello:) Anyone tried the Fat Blaze Factor (do a google search)? Ive hear a
    number of extraordinary stuff about it and my co-worker burned alot of
    unwanted fats:) 

  12. AGUYMON2009 says:

    I am disabled and on a low fixed income. I use a power chair and can’t get
    up and walk up and down stairs. Most diet plans require you to do so much
    exercise and if you are limited to only less than 1% of exercise than the
    average 3-5 days of 3-5 hours daily how can I and many others lose wait not
    feel hungry and if there are foods that are hard to eat like salads what
    is out there that is very affordable and very healthy that will do the
    fallowing? Boost your Metabolism and your Immune System to burn off fat and
    keep you healthy and not so heavy lbs?

  13. Sakshi Gupta says:

    Oooh no bad word!

  14. saravana kumar says:

    Lose weight and keep it away with ExprezSliminizer.

  15. Esther gmail says:

    super, I love your videos

  16. Straight2HellMetal says:

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  17. Pramith dilantha says:

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  18. jothi mani says:

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  19. O G ETHO says:

    My face your tits lets do this 

  20. Wasdim Ditta says:

    im craving ur junk

  21. Wasdim Ditta says:

    im craving ur junk

  22. Yuko Maskay says:

    awesome info but show less cleavage…just sayin…

  23. keepa shrestha says:

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  24. yam gurung says:

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  25. Airmaan Lexwer says:

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