Container shipping the world in a box

Containers transporting everything from shoes to aerospace parts make over 200m journeys a year by ship, truck and train. In the second video in the FT’s 50 Best Business Ideas series, David…

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5 Responses

  1. Nana Kwabena says:
  2. Exige000 says:

    To those of us who have spent a lifetime in cargo shipping, none of this is
    particularly surprising or new. In fact, what is surprising is just how
    little most people know about global maritime trade and, in particular,
    container shipping. 

  3. Mark Vidales says:

    So is investing in these containers viable? what is the risk? who here has
    invested in these?

  4. Jack McGhee says:

    Very interesting. I want to find out more.

  5. Israel Suarez says:

    These are good videos!

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