Conan Delivers Chinese Food in NYC

Watch CONAN @ Conan returns to NYC to live the glamorous life of a Chinese food delivery man.

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25 Responses

  1. Des says:

    For some reason I find Conan hot in this video. 

  2. halve tamme says:

    to be fair, its not that weird to not want to be on TV. Having a camera on
    you with millions of people watching unannounced is not something alot of
    can handle. Who knows how theyre gonna take the shit out of you and its
    going to go on TV and internet all over the world. She couldve dealt with
    it better though. 

  3. Giggidy Pop says:

    4:36, lol the one nice person wasn’t American.

  4. Serene Liew says:

    The woman was very rude. She has a right not to be on TV. She was how she
    just order food and would not accept it

  5. aussiemedia1959 says:

    If you’re getting any type of takeaway delivered in under 20 mins then you
    are probably eating reheated crap.

  6. Roger Gurman says:

    That’s why I keep distance from people holding food and drinks in their

  7. jvolstad says:

    That Chick with the Argentine coffee is hot! 

  8. Fred Santana says:

    I’d be suspicious to if some red-head showed up with my chinese food

  9. Frankincensed says:

    What did the lady think? he poisoned the food or something? 

  10. eddie man stoc says:

    i thought u got decapitated if you asked for directions/bothered people in

  11. Fuzzy Ewok says:

    That woman in the window, I must find her and marry her. And if she’s
    already married, just bang her. A lot.

  12. Nibbly Nobbler says:

    women are so stupid. no wonder they get paid less. 

  13. Mike Jone says:

    i eat there! king wok! great price for the city

  14. LukesEnglishPodcast says:

    The old charmer

  15. dogluck777 says:

    Oh ya i forgot…. New Yorkers are assholes.

  16. kevinsince1993 says:

    4:27 Why did Conan say a Filipino word to an Argentinian woman? lol

  17. mikeelp23 says:

    Goes to show you anything can happen to you in New
    York no matter who you are.

  18. pompomworld says:

    omg that’s so funny and so sweet as well :3 Conan is such a nice guy <3
    this is very educational as well :P

  19. Faith Coleridge says:

    Chinks can be so funny when they go along with the condescension.

  20. TheCrash says:

    Yeah! Argentinian woman are some of the best in the world! :D

  21. David Phillips says:

    Are we not going to talk about that officers vehicle? Somebody get down to
    the bottom of this, as it is bothering me.

  22. Officer Jenkins says:

    Why is he wearing a carpet on his face?

  23. Arganian Justice says:

    “… and that doesn’t happen ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!” – I think except
    for maybe in China.

  24. Erica Polo says:

    All I’ll ask is how would he have known she ordered food if he wasn’t
    working for the restaurant? She wouldn’t have to be so paranoid if she were
    a little more patient. I do believe she could’ve been a little more polite,
    too. He was incredibly kind to her. He did as she asked & he was only
    trying to pay for her meal to show a random act of kindness. Unfortunately,
    the world is a scary place & this is proof of the paranoia it has put in

  25. Daniel McIsaac says:

    He’s a hugger, eh? 

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