Con-ing Same McDonalds 3 Times in a Row

Went to McDonalds to do some next level coning where I put the ice cream in my face and I ended up going through the drive thru multiple times. They didn’t like the way that I ate my food….
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  1. Wooden House says:

    Who really wins though? Mcdonalds? They got your money, and you got a face
    full of ice cream you can’t even enjoy

  2. Trent Rider says:

    Man I’m surprised they got his order right 3 times in a row! that never
    happens with me

  3. spunkflunk says:

    i dont get this, why would he slam it into his face?! thats fucking stupid

  4. Song Yun-ah says:

    Am I seriously the only person who thinks this guy is a fucking idiot?

  5. Elizabeth Gallardo says:

    Why is it so hard for the mcdonald’s people to just ignore whetever he does
    with his ice cream?!
    Its not like he is taking the worker’s or the boss’s ice cream and making a
    mess of it!
    Plus, he is not disturbing anybody!
    What if a costumer wants to buy three times in the same fast-food
    restaurant, they can!
    Its money for the restaurant!, it shouldn’t affect them! on the contrary,
    it benefits them!
    McDonald’s sucks, i am 16 and I was gonna start working there as my
    part-time job but now forget it..
    Burger King is better!.
    Now I know why on my 7th birthday my mom refused me to celebrate my
    birthday at McDonald’s and took me to Burger king(This happened in Mexico).

  6. deepfriedkirby says:

    0:45 lmao its seconder the funny time

  7. Stuart Harrison says:

    Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. We can put an end to this. 

  8. Greg T says:

    its not really that funny.. the funny thing is these guys at mcdonalds
    taking their jobs that seriously

  9. Kevin McMurphy says:

    I hope those McDonalds workers got fired.

  10. Patrick Robinson says:

    Fuck the manager.
    What a rude ass hole.

    The customer paid for his cone.
    He’s free to do what he wants with it.
    The customer has done nothing illegal at all.
    He made no mess and he didn’t impeded the flow of business in the least.

    The manager should mind his own fucking business.

    If the customer wants to buy a million cones and do that silly shit a
    million times – then the manager should be happy for the business.
    Instead, this moron gets bent out of shape over nothing.

    He should be happy for the business – not pissed off.

  11. Jennifer Cravens says:

    Yea know it’s weird he said I’m not making a mess it’s his car he can screw
    it up if he wants it’s giving you a extra 1.06

  12. Bryan Lariviere says:

    Okay trespassing? Public area, it is not trespassing, You can call the cops
    for public disturbance. Fucking idiots.
    secondly, if he asks for his money back because you refuse to give him what
    he paid for at teh drive through, he can turn that right back on you for

    I get you have to deal with idiots, I did as well, ether deal, or get a
    different job.

  13. TigerRoar08 says:

    Fuck the manager. “Go get a job or something” UR FUCKING WORKING AT

  14. Evan Straw says:

    What crime was he committing? He took as long as any other customer in that
    drive-thru, and he wasn’t trying to disrupt anybody, just trying to make a
    joke. People just call the police in whenever they see something they don’t

  15. David Smith says:

    “Is your life really that boring?”
    Says the dude working at McDonalds

  16. Yukino Aguria says:

    it is amazing to see how power goes to people’s heads..give a man a manager
    job at any shitty place and he will act like he OWNS the entire store. it
    is hilarious. but kinda fucked up.

  17. antetwra says:


  18. David Mitchell says:

    Children in Africa could have eaten that ice cream… 

  19. OhayoDaiki says:

    Gosh, I didn’t know indecent eating preference was a crime!

  20. Fem Billy the Black Fox says:

    3:20 he didn’t ask for a coke what are you talking about lady?

  21. BBTimba Wulf says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is, especially working at a shithole
    like mcdicks. If I worked at a place like that, I’d be dying for some
    humor. Something like this would make my day, and I would have a hysterical
    laugh at it. People sure are big babies…

  22. _Ev1L_ says:

    That old hag wtf is the popo gonna do?
    They cant do shit dumbass.

  23. TomCook1993 says:

    “We’re running a business not a playground” That comment pretty much sums
    up this video.

  24. Christopher DeGraw says:

    lol what an idiot for trespassing wtf McDonalds is a public place

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