Communication Skills Training: body language secrets, speaking with confidence, magic responses++

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25 Responses

  1. Online Communication Skills Training Videos with Dan O'Connor says:

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    or for immediate lesson downloads go to and
    click “store.”

  2. RUPERTO ORBON, JR. says:

    Thanks for this informative video. May GOD bless you and take care of you
    and your household.

  3. LUA D'AMOR says:

    Thanks a lot!!!

  4. Tsvetelina Yordanova says:

    This video is insanely good! You’re are wonderful to watch and every word
    comes across. I’m so grateful to have found you 🙂 Keep on the good work
    and thanks for all your efforts and time!

  5. Edward Keyte says:

    good English video:p Thanks. I will share with my viewers.

  6. Pheonix Andrew says:

    DUDe !!!! Honestly speaking …. This has been the one of most productive
    35 minutes videos … and I personally Thank you a lot for this video !!!
    Keep doing whatever you are doing and I would love to watch more of your
    videos :)

  7. Alixandrea m says:

    Thank you so much for this. I had to unfortunately deal with a person
    asking how much I got paid and unfortunately I have to say that I did cave
    and told her. Apparently it was more than she got paid we had the same
    position and she caused a shit storm with the boss and made work extremely
    uncomfortable for a while… But I didn’t know a polite way to refuse to
    answer…or even if I was just being overly sensitive or if that was indeed
    a rude question.

  8. 77Tadams says:

    I just love your style and your comedy to make this fun. I am starting to
    actually have fun with communicating with people now. It use to be so
    fearful, but now I am experimenting with communication and I find I enjoy
    being around people more. Therapy has helped….and I use to be a very
    passive person who would just buckle if someone said something mean or
    insulting to me.

  9. Jess Shiny says:

    This is fantastic, it has helped me greatly in nursing school to become
    more confident and communicate . Thank you Dan.

  10. Lisa Aydin says:

    Great video! I cannot wait to watch more. But, really what was your boss
    talking to you about? :)

  11. The Kadju says:

    hey i need to ask a question. How to close in a spotlight question? What if
    the passive aggressive person you are dealing with would answer all of them
    with confidence . 

  12. Quran - HD says:

    i wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for this ive tried all your
    methods in this video and ALL of them have worked for me …i love you *
    no homo and LOL your cut away gags are SO FUNNY

  13. Andrea Simmons says:
  14. Larry Corrion says:

    Just stumbled across this video and I’m always interested in improving my
    communication skills. Being in the military is demanding. Learning to work
    with people from all different walks of life is challenging and I find that
    when I’m better able to communicate, it makes it a lot easier. Not just in
    the military though. In any encounter, no matter how insignificant it may
    seem, I believe communication is something we can all benefit from
    “conquering” if you may. Anyway, I really appreciate this video and will
    definitely subscribe to your channel. Thanks for making this available.

  15. ValeCafe says:

    Where do I get the worksheets.

  16. Muhammed Aboobacker says:

    damn..u r fucking great.. u r not a rude communicator but u r polished
    ,educated,savvy,confident ,..i agree..bullshit.. who trained you.. u r the
    one of the best speakers..i too want to be like u.. i adopt some of ur
    traits..ahh!.. insane 

  17. ashleyx21able says:

    These are some really helpful tips. I will put them in play next time i am
    in one of these situtations myself to see what the out come is. I’m a very
    forward person and I think sometimes its a down fall because it 1. Comes
    off aggressive, not always intentionally and 2. Most people get offended by
    truth no matter how you phrase it.
    A lot of people can benefit from working on their communication skills
    including myself. Thanks for this tutorial

  18. cherri williams says:

    I Love Your Videos They Have Helped Me So Much I Will Be Purchasing Your
    Cds And Books Soon! I’ve Even Told Some Friends About Ya!!! Thank You So

  19. nizar UIN says:

    nice tips (y)

  20. Eve Herrell says:
  21. Dhanesh Rathore says:

    The 3 Second Look was amazing. Now I know why my lanngauge trainer at
    inlingua New Delhi stares at me to get me to speak English well.

  22. Jubayer Ahamed Jubayer says:

    Simply awesome !

  23. Jana Dixon says:

    Can we thank your Grandmother for how well you turned out?

  24. Arlene Rivera says:

    Thank you! Does ‘no worries’ fall under the same category as ‘no problem’? 

  25. Chuck Norris says:

    I need help trying to say what I want to say but it is in my subconscious
    mind. I just can’t seem to utter certain things into words instantly. I
    often need to process my thoughts before I can communicate my true message.
    This sometimes takes days and the opportunity to say that at that moment is
    gone. I need help. Please!

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