CNN – Dutch Health Care System.flv

CNN - Dutch Health Care System.flv

The Dutch health insurance system Before you come to the Netherlands, you should inquire whether your current health insurance will suffice in the Netherlands or if you need a supplementary…

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  1. Dara Marc Sasmaz says:

    The dutch system is shit until you look over to the US and then you are
    like “nah nevermind. nothing to complain” ;D

  2. Marco Vermeer says:

    The Dutch healthcare system is one of the best in the world, if you have
    the guts to bitch about it, you don’t deserve to live in this country. The
    ones who need the money you pay in taxes will use this money for the right
    reasons, but of course there are those who will abuse this system. But that
    doesn’t mean everyone depending on it does. I am one of those people who
    depends on it because I have Autism, but I don’t drive a mercedes, live in
    a mansion, or abuse the money I get. Our healthcare system is one of world
    class, other countries should make an example of it.

  3. amsterdope says:

    If you want the TRUTH, the Dutch live longer because the Dutch live
    healthier, period. After my 11-yr old son came back from America on
    vacation, I asked him, “So, what was the BIGGEST difference between America
    and Holland?”. His answer, “Papa, there are huge FAT people EVERYWHERE!
    Everywhere we went, the people were fat! Why are so many people there so
    fat? What are they eating over there?”
    Obesity is the #1 health problem in the US. Weight related problems kill
    more people in the US than accidents, cancer, murder or suicide.
    Ultimately, insuring tens of millions of unhealthy fat people costs more
    than insuring healthy fit people. American Expats come to Holland and
    complain about the lack of variety in our supermarkets, well, the reason is
    that it is illegal to import any food product for public sale and
    consumption which contain sugar or salt based preservatives and flavor
    enhancers which are on our list of banned items. These products are all
    proven to be the knife in the heart of human health and our health ministry
    won’t allow it – in essence, forcing people to eat the healthy alternative.
    Where am I going with this? Health care isn’t about some monthly payment,
    health care is about policy from the top of government which makes choices
    which have a clear impact on the wellness of people. Food plays a very big
    role in this, and coincidentally, the government is in control of the
    food-chain. Think outside the box. The Dutch are doing it right – its not
    perfect, but its light-years ahead of the USA. 

  4. Angelique Annettesdottir says:

    Every dutch person who does not like the Dutch Healthcare system should
    move his/her ASS to the USA!

  5. Allura Ambrose says:

    They forget to say that all dutch person earn allot of money per month
    imployed or unimployed. unimployed get 800+(lowest say teenager who never
    worked) euro’s i believe per person from the state per 4 weeks. plus 90euro
    for healthcare and other benifits. so yeah noone gets nothing.

  6. jhcfight says:

    I don’t care if the US keep their own system or not. I’m happy as long as
    we keep ours.

  7. jpsholland says:

    The americans must realize the dutch healthcare system is possible becouse
    we are willing to pay a lot of tax which is a absolute must if you want to
    have a social country.

  8. Gryffix says:

    Leuk om te zien dat iedereen in de comments Nederlands is en vol in de
    aanval gaan in het Engels om het de Amerikanen uit te leggen. Jongens, Dit
    zijn bijna allemaal Nederlanders…

  9. Nerino Cucel says:

    they judge by the A.M.A.& pay the ‘dutch way’… so with insurance-issues:
    they pay with amounts straight out of the Old Testament… :(

  10. bookofsnow says:

    I liked the healthcare system in NL pre 2006.. the costs just continue to
    rise here.. it’s becoming more American each year. 

  11. Chill Dennis says:

    There is a lot of things in Dutch healthcare that need a closer look
    though. We have so much money for healthcare, we could double the service
    if we’d spend it better. E.g. We pay for way too many treatments just
    because doctors prescribe it (they get payed for giving them after all)
    and it doesn’t seem to cost the patient money (directly) so they don’t see
    any harm in it, even though sometimes there is. Secondly, doctors don’t
    communicate properly resulting in inefficient healthcare. Thirdly, there is
    so much money going to ‘middle men’ (who pretty much get to evaluate their
    own performance) rather than to nurses and direct caregivers that there is
    a huge drain.

    But still social healthcare is to way to go. Please don’t denounce your
    Obamacare just yet, you potentially have a great thing going when
    implemented correctly.

  12. melvingamer says:

    Obama should watch this video.

  13. Brulluhman says:

    Because healthcare is an oligopoly market and they started liberalize the
    market, costs exploded. It’s or you liberalize it completely or you
    completely do not. What Holland did is something in between and obligates
    people to be insured. Now costs are rising and rising. People are not
    allowed to say no, to a few players, that decide what the price should look
    like. The whole price elasticity is gone. You will do business with that
    cartel of health insurance companies. It’s the fucking mafia. 

  14. Alpha7strike says:

    Our political elite has destroyed everything, people die here

  15. Morkulv Athferion says:

    Dutch health care is going for a steep decline in 2015, because of a new
    law change that is going to go in effect.

  16. Lukas Smit says:

    ow yes its so great you pay around 100 euro a month for a cheap good for
    almost nothing insurance and then you have you’re so called own risk around
    350 euro. so basically you have to pay 1300-1500 a year before you get
    im sure its better than in other countrys but for me at least it could be
    much better

  17. CrashSeven says:

    I think it’s a pretty good system. About the own risk part, that’s to make
    your risk averse. People tend to care less about something when they are
    insured, so the companies use that as a measure to make sure you don’t
    abuse the system. Last time the own risk was about 360€ I think, but you
    could throw that all the up to 1000€ if you want to have a cheaper health
    insurance (albeit more risk). You got the “basic insurance” which covers as
    the name might say the basics. Then you can add multiple extra insurances
    which cover for example dentist costs etc. Furthermore you have the choice
    to decide if you want to be able to be treated in every hospital and decide
    for your own where you want to visit a doctor, or save some money and
    decide to only go to certain hospitals and doctors and choose a cheaper
    health insurance coverage.

    About the rising prices:

    Prices rise because of inflation and coverage ratio that they need to keep.
    That ratio is calculated based on a banks interest / investments. At the
    moments banks give very little interest on the money so they need to
    compensate it by asking more money now to keep the balance of coverage.
    Probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but if you take a minute to
    research it you will probably understand why it keeps on rising. If the
    banks give out more interest / investments go well you can bet that the
    costs will lower substantially as there is still competition between health
    insurance companies and they want to lure in new customers.

    Be free to correct me if I made a mistake somewhere.

  18. spawnofnaamah says:

    we can’t complain about our health much I guess. Yet the expected free
    market & competition mechanisms have never really got into play making the
    healthcare and health insurance more efficient, better quality and more
    affordable. Also the waiting lists have not yet been reduced and for some
    conditions people who can will still go to neighboring countries to get
    quicker treatment. In my humble opinion the amount of government control
    over the system together with the fact that most insurer brands being part
    of a larger company ruins the path to the original goals for making the
    system more ‘liberal’ in the first place. I still think going back to a
    social government run healthcare system is the way to go. This should also
    include research on medicine and treatments for the more exotic/rare
    diseases. Right now prices only go up because companies have a commitment
    to grow each year to keep favor of the shareholders. I think the goals for
    profit and responsible healthcare for a whole nation just doesn’t mix. The
    people have to pay extra to line the pockets of the shareholders and CEO’s.
    Not to mention the debate that arises for paying damages of the costs for
    rare diseases basically putting a price tag on a life.

  19. mr_powder addict says:

    Compare Dutch with Belgium system. Belgium is better no waiting, or less
    longer. And just 100 a year. Netherlands 2000 year.

  20. Ash The Mohican says:


  21. Thijs Spijk says:

    let’s put it this way: breaking bad in the netherlands would be something
    like this: sir, you have cancer, your treatment will start tomorrow,
    instead of, well.. most know what happened. so yeah..

  22. Hainy Rio says:


  23. spr1ng0ni0n says:

    There is definitely a deterioration going on in Holland since the nineties.
    At that time there was a more social system organized by the government.
    The insurance companies that were run by civil servants are now run by CEOs
    with big salaries. Most of the hospitals are also privatised now. The only
    result, apart from a slight deterioration of care, is a huge cost increase.
    The more social the system is, the cheaper it will be in the end (when it
    will be in a non-corrupt, first world country). Free market priciple is
    just not working for healthcare. I wish America will look around in the
    world, especially in Europe, they can look at the numbers and see for
    themselves. There are some great achievements in the US, but in some ways
    Europe is ahead of them.

  24. Quentin1o2 says:

    the dutch healthcare system is abselutely awesome, i live in netherlands
    i was born here everything and i think that health insurance is a
    investment you give money for an insurance + you give money for research on
    some diseases and things
    and you will have plenty of money left, if you werent a guy at school wich
    didnt do anything

  25. Marcel Berendijk says:

    yea yea yea allemaal B.S.

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