Clean the lawn mower’s carburetor, part 1

Clean the lawn mower's carburetor, part 1

Is your lawn mower running rough, spit and sputter, and choking? It could be the carburetor. Learn how to check and clean the carburetor. For the complete video, go to…
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  1. Kenz300 x says:

    Old bad gas causes problems. When storing gas or a vehicle it is important
    to use it up yearly if you added Stabil or Seafoam to it when you filled
    up. It is easier to run the vehicle or a tool out of fuel and put fresh in
    yearly than deal with the problems that bad fuel causes. Most small engine
    problems are due to gas going bad and not because of ethanol. Small engines
    have ALWAYS had problems with stale fuel gumming up the carburetor when
    left in for long periods of time.
    When a small engine like a lawn mower, leaf blower, chain saw, is being put
    up for the winter run it out of fuel before putting it away. In the spring
    when filling your gas can for the first time add some Sta-Bil or Seafoam to
    the gas to extend its life. Gas generally starts to go bad after 30 -60
    days. By adding the fuel stabilizer it will extend its life. 

  2. MrGibby26 says:

    Great video buddy it really helped me out on fixing my lawn mower thanks
    again for your help.

  3. Galen Cloughly says:

    Great Video
    I filled my mower with gas and it all poured out the air filter. Why?

  4. angrysquirrel11 says:

    Thanks Whizkid again for your help. Looks like I need to take the carb
    apart myself and clean that needle valve thing with carb cleaner. I was
    moving the choke in and out with a string and it seemed to cut a bit longer
    before it stalled. Guess I just need to take this apart and clean it. :O

  5. ESRepair . says:

    @MrMilitantviper not to my knowledge. Those products are oil based
    lubricants and shouldn’t be used in the carburetor. those can be used to
    lubricate the linkages connecting to the carburetor. there are alternatives
    like gumout but WhizKid should be on here later this morning after work.
    He’ll have a better solution for alternative cleaners.-MrFixit

  6. ESRepair . says:

    @UberPloxage No, this is a channel WhizKid and I do together. We been best
    friends since ’92. It was mainly his idea. I thought that it would be great
    to try, although I was relunctant to proceed. Nonetheless, I think the
    channel is doing better than anticipated. Been wanting to do more videos,
    but with our schedules, it tends to make that difficult. WhizKid works with
    small engines while I do computers and electronics. I learn his field of
    interest and he learns my field of interest. MrFixit

  7. Dustin Sfford says:

    @killacash you know your country when you work on your washer

  8. mario ortiz says:

    Every time I start mower I have to prime it.I put a rebuild kit in it and
    that did not help.What do you think is the problem?

  9. Bill G. says:

    My problem is when I try to start my mower it cranks over and all, but then
    gas pours from the exhaust pipe. It’s a 12.5 HP B&S (28v707-1170-E1) and
    the carb looks I think identical to the one in your video. Will cleaning
    solve this problem?

  10. ESRepair . says:

    @pimprock23 Pull the top off of your lawnmower motor and get down to where
    you can see the flywheel key . If it’s sheared any it will cause the motor
    to get out of timeing spark wise and this will cause the spark plug to fire
    at the wrong time and cause this problem . Check to make sure that both
    values are opening and closing right .Especially, if it’s an OHV . Make
    sure valve seats and guides are alright . If OHV make sure that valve
    clearance are set right . Make sure that carb. is clean .

  11. megaman5043 says:

    @ESRepair i just looked at the carb n finished the vid i think i know how
    to clean it also i noticed there was a screw on the bottom of the bowl
    thing ima redo this tomaro n spray the carb cleaner cross ur fingers that
    it will work

  12. ESRepair . says:

    @andy42x You must have an older engine , since most newer engines today
    don’t have the bowl screw . The screw under the bowl is the fuel adjuster
    for the main jet . The more that you open it up the more fuel goes in and
    the shorter you adjust it the less fuel goes in . Gad t hear that you got
    it going . Whizkid

  13. Andrew G. says:

    @ESRepair Thanks for the reply! I was messing around with the screw
    underneath the bowl, and I turned it a few times, and it seemed to fix the
    problem. The mower ran without stalling. Strange.

  14. AfternoonPlay says:

    Well Whizkid. Looks like your investagative skills are slippin’ . . lol. I
    am in the Mountains of Mourne on the west coast of Ireland. Thanks for the
    info on the carb, I forgot to winterize my five year old honda mower /
    mulcher last year and the crankcase was full of gas! The darn thing was
    surging last fall and I took the lazy approach of spraying carb cleaner
    through the air intake while she was spluttering. Anyway she’s up and
    running now, flushed the oil twice, once cold then hot. Greg.

  15. pimprock23 says:

    hi i need help not cleaning it but exaust is blowing out the carb and
    making lots of noise but i hear its to rich but i dont even think the
    neddle workes and i even checked the valve timing and the spark. please
    what can i do

  16. megaman5043 says:

    what if the carb i haz 4 the lawn mower seems to not hav any screws on it
    at all?

  17. 7bikerboy7 says:

    You gotta stop getting sprayed in the face with that cleaner

  18. vlawns says:

    Great demo. Cleaned one before and could’ve used ur vid ahead of time. Good
    thing I didn’t need to rebuild…

  19. billybonewhacker says:

    grt vid man.i find a half a cwp full of lucas fuel treatment every month or
    so really keeps that stuff clean and lubed

  20. ESRepair . says:

    @cessna151 THANK YOU ,THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  21. DigitalConceptions says:

    thanks for this video

  22. 666mrjimbo says:


  23. Kenneth White says:

    dear ESRepair, I am pretty sure my carburetor needs to be cleaned, I have
    been troubleshooting my troy bilt mower all week.. after running over an
    ant pile hidden by tall grass ‘-_- was successful in checking the drive
    shaft to make sure its not bent, replaced the air filter, and the spark
    plug, still wont start. (did all of this after replacing the pull start
    rope after breaking it) any recommendations before i pull this carburetor

  24. ESRepair . says:

    Thank you all for the wonderfull comments . 🙂 Whizkid

  25. wanderer1031 says:

    i just spray mine off with the water hose and give him some lemonade and
    tortillas. never gives me any trouble at all….

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