Circulatory & Respiratory Systems – CrashCourse Biology #27

Hank takes us on a trip around the body – we follow the circulatory and respiratory systems as they deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from cells, and help make it possible for our bodies…
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24 Responses

  1. Anushri Baksi says:

    +Shaurya Sinha watch. Now. 

  2. Sciexful says:

    Well I pay for university and I watch crash course instead of lectures (so
    if a topic covered by a lecture is also covered by crash course, I’ll watch
    crash course instead). Lectures go on forever and don’t get to the point.

  3. Lindsay Miller says:

    Would love a CrashCourse on cardiac output and stroke volume!

  4. Ronin Dragoon says:

    heck i`m 15 and i`m facing O/l`s in another month. i learnt more here than
    i ever learnt in an entire term!

  5. PlanetAgnostic says:

    You pronounce “capillaries” strangely.

  6. Charlotte Kings says:

    i like biology and im 2 years old. 

  7. Catia Park says:

    Why r veins (and arteries) blue??

  8. CrimsonDragon64 says:

    this is how i study for my biology test on Monday. thanks HANK =)

  9. wikiwikiwee says:

    the right ventricle to the pulmonary artery looks like a penis 7:06

  10. Menno Kuipers says:

    you are…..

    you transfer this shit in a slightly, funny way!
    just genius :-)

  11. Parth Patil says:

    does evolution purely take place by trial and error method?

  12. SoleMan117 says:

    Wait a minute, Hank: are you saying the lungs make a total eclipse of the

  13. thejrignacio12345 says:

    5:36, for those guys who just needs the circulatory part… you’re welcome

  14. Stella Hwang says:

    your videos are awesome! it really helps me with my studies alot and i love
    the way u explain everything . thumbs up! 

  15. Quanxiang Loo says:

    Watching all crash course videos for the love of learning and knowledge!

  16. maplegril says:

    so when the diaphragm contracts the lungs open up or is it when it relaxes

  17. Varshi Shiksha says:

    You are amazing 🙂
    Summarised 20 pages in 11 mins and my understanding of the topic has

  18. Melissa M says:

    My A&P professor gave up halfway through the semester on giving us
    lectures, so we now just have to read the book and try to figure out on our
    own what will be on the test. Lectures and good illustrations/explanations
    really help me learn more, so thank you for helping me learn this stuff,
    since my professor no longer seems too concerned about it. 

  19. Meikever says:

    anybody started a band named ‘moist with mucus’ yet? Cause I might claim
    the name now

  20. Lucas Mantovani says:

    Great educational video

  21. Sahil Malhotra says:

    to answer your question at 2:00 hank. yes! yes i do want to be constantly
    moist xD

    and for everyone out there thinking it, yes i know.. that’s what she said.
    now grow up! lol

  22. Mr. House says:

    Why do our lungs hurt when we run

  23. mitchell katzarski says:

    bro your show helps me a lot thanks.!!!!!!!!

  24. Chioma Uruakpa says:

    that dwight schrute-esque intro

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