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25 Responses

  1. Cecicouture says:

    hahahah Kayleigh, “no! i’m not going to steal your macros!” ahha that
    cracked me up, i LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. Cristina says:

    I’m liking the new schedule more and more!

  3. MattnKayleigh says:
  4. RachieB15 says:

    Hunt valley! Y’all are right down the street!

  5. Jazmine Garcia says:

    I love how the vlogs are up much earlier!

  6. Megan Johnson says:

    “I don’t want to steal your macros!” lol True love. :)

  7. missamanda1025 says:

    Two moments that made me laugh out loud(unfortunately I was in a quiet
    waiting room with earbuds in….awkward) was 1. Kayleigh asking Matt, “What
    you don’t want no panties?” and 2. Matt to the cat “Don’t just look at me
    with your ears!”
    You guys are the best. :D

  8. onderrscht says:

    Why did you upload the last two vlogs so early?

  9. sunny101shiny says:

    What happened to your avocado plant Kayleigh lol?

  10. janet abby says:

    This is such a wierd question but do you guys ever go to church?

  11. Caitlin Cooper says:

    When I saw this video I was thinking “Wait, Hunt Valley? Is that the one
    I’m thinking of?” Turns out, it was! I’m only about a half an hour away
    from that area. I had no idea you guys lived so close! I’m a new subscriber
    thanks to Nikki B. :)

  12. Shelby Ramone says:

    I love that the vlogs have been up early! I don’t have to wait till 2 am
    lol love you guys!!!

  13. Tanya O says:

    How did you guys get your gym setup? 

  14. olivia azmi says:

    After a while not watching your vids.. you look skinny girl..your face need
    more flesh.. will look youthful.

  15. La Monikita says:

    Im from mexico but i live in vegas & omg i was laughing sooo hard when u
    said the thing they send u looked like nikos foot

  16. tracy s says:

    i work at marshalls in brandywine kayleigh! u shoud stop by sometime!!

  17. Rebecca Secora says:

    I think it’s funny that you guys call sweatshirts sweaters! In Minnesota we
    call them sweatshirts! Who knows maybe we’re wrong or its just a personal
    preference! LOL! Love watching your channel. sweater/sweatshirt
    whichever???? Hahaha:-)

  18. Sonya Nguyen says:

    Omg I can’t stop drinking about you is my favorite song currently 

  19. Doodle D says:

    YES!!! I’m actually awake when you upload!!! lol :)

  20. ChelseaMBeauty says:

    Wow this vlog is up early! I like it. 🙂 Lol. 

  21. 1329melissa says:

    matt always has to pee! hahah lmao

  22. 4everVeggie says:

    I just subscribed; Seriously just watched five straight videos on this
    channel! Omg im addicted to watching your vlogs! They are so real and
    downtoearth and not boring! You two are amazing! Both so positive and
    beautiful + handsome and are swolemates. One day I want to find a
    ‘swolemate’ someone who keeps me motivated or eachother motivated like yall
    both do to eachother! 🙂 Totally am in love with your basement gym! Wow!
    Would love to have a gym like that If i ever owned a home in the future!
    The equipment are pricey, where did you find all those exercising machines?
    Lastly how did you both measure out macros , is there a specific website
    where you can log on and calculate? Thank you! And It would be awesome if
    yall be personal trainers!! Merry Christmas! happy Holidays!! 

  23. in angelica's world says:

    OMG I know were that is ahhhh your my fav!

  24. Fashionlover5374 says:

    You guys are so awesome !!! 

  25. Natalie Carcamo says:

    I love your vlogs. I also love Kayleigh’s beauty channel, I live in the
    same state but I wish I could meet you guys 

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