Chemistry Music Video 8: Natural Decay

This song describes what happens to an unstable nucleus as it emits alpha, beta, positron and gamma radiation. All music and lyrics copyright 2007 by Mark Rosengarten. All rights reserved….

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25 Responses

  1. Forced to take this picture with my step-dad or else he would beat my ass says:

    this is some real shit only a real nigga would understand. beat my dick to
    shit bruh

  2. WhySoSerious8991 says:

    Really Mr.A? Tf is this?

  3. StanWilks says:

    Does anyone know any songs about subatomic particles or quantum mechanics?
    I really would love to hear one as I am currently studying Schrodinger’s

  4. Caleb Synnes says:

    Hey Mr Deremee if you are playing this video and see this comment, that
    means you are dumb

  5. tristan tutching says:

    My teacher played this in my chem class today and the one retarded kid in
    my class ran up to the front of the class jumped up on my teachers desk and
    started to sing it i was honestly crying i was laughing so hard!

  6. JuanCarlosNeria says:

    EXTREMLY catchy

  7. Nintenchu69 says:

    hi ms graham

  8. iluvmypuddycat says:

    The 21st Century Tom Lehrer.

  9. omlettLOVESyou says:

    lol, we listened to this today in Phsicis.. lol, my teacher LOVES it.. lol

  10. Mark Rosengarten says:

    I did this song in 2005. I don’t even have the original Garageband file
    anymore…that was three computers ago.

  11. CallMeKell2 says:

    My chemistry teacher played this today in class haha

  12. joashjoash2 says:

    I presented this at our individual reports on our chemistry class and my
    teacher was very impressed. She thought I wrote the song so she gave me an
    A+. And now she’s expecting me to write another for our next report. LOL 😀
    Thanks for this video! It really helped me alot! Hope you’ll get to help
    other students like me get more interested in science…

  13. Meagan Donovan says:

    My teacher made us watch this in her 10th grade phys science class. We
    watched it once and then she said okay one more time! And then we just kept
    begging for her to replay lol. We all joined in at the “hooray” part

  14. Brooks Alderman says:

    LOL, this good! My physics teacher had us watch this for homework. It’s

  15. nintendude60 says:

    the fact that you made a music to video, to something that is very very
    complicated. ive been out of high school for a year, and i really would not
    like to remember this stuff haha. just thought it would be interesting to
    see what it was like.. and now im all -_- why.. haha

  16. DJKaptor says:

    Haha, well good luck coming across em, people would love that stuff 😛

  17. liquidminds says:

    as weired as it may sound… I actually got some understanding out of that,
    i didn’t have before… no matter how ridiculous it might sound to use
    songs for teaching stuff… it obviously works ^^ thx

  18. whydoyoucareLol says:

    Our chem teacher made us watch this as a revive before she gave us a quiz
    about it -.-

  19. izzy bavv says:

    Hello Ms Nagpole

  20. Solki Music says:

    ur kidding?

  21. TheEnterShepman says:

    same here

  22. katiezpm says:

    @ScandalB52 Science is Awesome 😀 I love my Chemistry lesson the best
    bacuase my Lab Partner and I Just mix as many chemicals as we can together
    😛 But it is really interesting too. But Biology bores me to death.

  23. mrwhetherford says:

    I just took the test and i got a 19 out of 20!!!!

  24. MoordMokkel says:

    have my test in a few hours.. good thing this song is so annoying that it
    gets stuck in your head 😀

  25. KarbineKyle says:

    I like it! Nice Job! 5/5!

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