Cells Cells – Parts of the Cell Rap

This rap was created for a 6th grade science classroom to teach about the different parts of a cell. With its catchy rhythm and rhymes, students of all learning styles and abilities will be…
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25 Responses

  1. Unicorn Princess says:

    Still better than Kanye West

  2. kappakelele says:

    That’s a dank ass rap mate

  3. * Celloin * says:

    So I’m the only one who learned this in 5th grade

  4. Ruth Gideoni says:

    My teacher showed this to us, and its been stuck in my head for the last
    week and a half __ 

  5. OOAKforest says:

    In my 7th grade science class, my teacher told us to go home and listen to
    this song. Just did and… Good Lord, what did I just listen to?

  6. Annelysa Quinn says:

    lol I love this song. so catchy and yet annoying at the same time xD.
    Cells, cells, they’re mde of organelles.

  7. Alois Trancy says:

    my teacher put this on in 7th grade life science

  8. puppie406 says:

    what kinda fuckin school do you guys go to where you learn about cells in
    6th grade holy shit im in 10th and i didnt learn about cells until grade 8

  9. Band Obsessed says:

    Legit the only reason I passed 7th grade science. You could actually hear
    everyone quietly humming it during tests.

  10. babysally01 says:

    Heard this song at CMS in 7th grade. >.< (I'm not saying the whole name of the school... don't ask either.)

  11. Emily Clark says:

    This is useful with exams coming up

  12. Melody Mendez Gomez says:

    I am in 5th and I am learning this, my teacher put it on and everyone
    started dancing. Lol

  13. Mr Robbie says:


  14. Zahra H.V. says:

    omg i remember this from 5th grade

  15. Akatsuki Deidara says:

    Two words: Ms.Johnson’s class.

  16. maria luna says:

    Cells Cells – Parts of the Cell Rap: http://youtu.be/-zafJKbMPA8

  17. Mi'Kayla Valdez says:

    +Maria Diaz​

  18. Thediamondgamer1 says:

    My teacher played this it was awesome

  19. rita matti says:

    I’m a 6th grader and my teacher put this song on and we have a project that
    we have to lean the words and rap it in front of the school 

  20. Fluffy Tails says:

    Wtf people in grade 6 have to listen to this??? I’m in grade ten and I’m
    confused as hell!!!

  21. uniquemishel says:

    this is how I study for a science test?

  22. Matthew Miraglia says:

    My teacher has done something very great for me…

  23. KrupaTroopa says:

    some sick beats

  24. Suzie Stoklosa says:

    Why did my science teacher put this one? Now all I have in my head is the

  25. Mila Bovila says:

    Yeah my teacher let us watch this for class one time. :D

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