Celestial White Noise ★ Earth ★ Real Space Sounds – Sleep Better, Reduce Stress, Calm Your Mind

Celestial White Noise ★ Earth ★ Real Space Sounds - Sleep Better, Reduce Stress, Calm Your Mind

Song of Earth (2 Hours) – Real Space Sound (NASA Voyager Recording) – Celestial White Noise for relaxation, meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, stress and depresion relief and more……

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25 Responses

  1. Greathorn says:

    “real space sounds” even though there is no sound in the vacuum of space.

  2. Miyu Chan says:

    I’m trying to lucid dream.. I hope it works!! >O<

  3. GrandStuntAuto says:

    It’s make me think about a really, really old and magical civilisation of
    warriors… In a dark and frozen area, who fight to the death… With
    dragons and others creatures… So weird… So old, so cold, so antic, so
    magic, so distant… 

  4. Chaosian01 says:

    Is there a way to purchase or even download this sound at all? I’m looking
    for some white noise and don’t see a very good link.

  5. DistanceOfficial says:

    Wow, somehow those sounds are relaxing my mind 🙂
    Great stuff for sleep.

  6. Black Onyx says:

    This is soooo alien. I want to go back to home world. I am so drowning
    myself in this and thinking of my origin. The Sirian star system. If only
    we can hear her vibration from this far away.

  7. rossybossi says:

    ok so lets say I believe you on this space noise how did you manage to
    capture it

  8. Tim B says:

    i call bullshit im hearing real harmonies going on…i doubt the “sound” of
    earth is a minor third

  9. John Aybier says:

    Plasma wave antenna huh ?.. so that’s how Steve Roach makes music

  10. LeHaxer says:

    ders my country >_> (cyprus)

  11. tazounettedu69 says:

    Make my heartbeats going so fast O_O (sorry bad english 🙁 )

  12. Joe Nicholson says:

    It’s amazing how they picked up the sound vibrations using a plasma wave
    antenna, the earth makes an amazing harmonically musical sound doesn’t it?
    Saturn however… eew

  13. MindNumbingInc says:

    They say, “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Which is scientifically
    proven because Celestial White Noise has you floating, calmly and relaxed
    with the stars.

  14. Colton Rittenhouse says:
  15. Kavster92 says:

    Sounds like mass effect when you are searching planets for minerals and

  16. Anissa Lanning says:

    Celestial White Noise, Mission Earth – Real Space…:

  17. Mrihave20toes says:

    There’s no sound in space

  18. Destiny Hope says:

    Wow, its so wonderfull and relaxing.
    As if many Voices sing very gentle in the background.
    I like it very much.

  19. INF LIXI says:

    people these are vibrations, you need high tech equipment to transfer space
    into this sound. Its like when you plug ur nose close ur eyes put ear muffs
    on so u cant hear nothing. the sound u will hear in ur head is hollow. just
    like this sound

  20. Robert Leete says:


  21. kpn5000 says:

    Can the channel owner please clarify to what we are listening? I think
    it’s obvious that a synthesizer is at work here, but what of the claims of
    “real space sounds”? Are there any or not? Have they been processed to
    the point of being unrecognizable? I don’t mind if they have, I would
    simply like an accurate representation of what is being offered here. I
    think it’s very nice, regardless, but some transparency from the channel
    owner is in order.

  22. Space Audio says:

    Except, no, this series of recordings, although they may contain
    highly-modified selections of the Voyager plasma wave data, sound
    absolutely nothing like the natural signals. The false claims of NASA
    collaboration were possibly intended to prop-up the pseudo-scientific
    therapeutic woo. This is a nice relaxing piece of creative work, but is
    not even remotely similar to the actual Voyager recordings, all of which
    are available online, in their full, grating, unpleasant, but natural

  23. xXn0scop3rPRO420Xx says:

    everything is sound, a vibration.

  24. Volebien says:

    am hearing music, wtf

  25. Jam Steps says:

    There is no way sound can travel in space it’s called a VACUUM!

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