CDC Report: Stop Breastfeeding and Vaccinate

Mayer Eisenstein Interview | Breastfeeding has gone in and out of favor for decades. In the 1950’s government and health organizations encouraged new mothers to use artificial formula. By the…
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  1. NextNewsNetwork says:

    CDC Report: Stop Breastfeeding and Vaccinate

  2. spiritnphysical says:

    I wonder what the % of women that are unable to breastfeed, have been
    vaccinated prior to pregnancy.
    What it come’s down to is: do you trust the ones’ MAKING the vaccines?
    It’s almost unfathomable to me that many still continue to believe,
    despite growing evidence, that the government, medical industry,
    agricultural industry, etc… are all there to ‘help’ you. All the while
    poisoning the air, the food, and the water. Like they stopped there.

  3. Mohammed Umar says:

    The entire world is breastfeeding and it has been for so many years people
    where more fit and living longer before all this bullshit it’s all about
    making money the way nestle sell they’re milk with the scare tactics about
    breastfeeding is crazy it’s all about money that’s where it starts and ends

  4. Debusen614 says:

    I was breastfed, and you can count on one hand the times I’ve been sick in
    my 70+ years. I have better numbers than my doctor half my age, and I only
    see him twice a year for a blood test.

  5. Qalif Qalif says:

    Thumbs up. Very honest man. 

  6. Yurian Cain says:

    Excellent work. What a brilliant man.

  7. tonymengela says:

    Big Pharma runs CDC so what do you expect

  8. Debusen614 says:

    Breastfeeding passes the Mother’s immune system to the baby… 

  9. Trinity Ramie-Freeze says:

    I’ll stop vaccinating before I stop breastfeeding 

  10. humanati says:

    We’re witnessing the collapse of credibility of government & pharma as
    people wake up to the utter corruption & criminality of both.

    They’re desperate & it shows.


  11. Dani McEvoy says:

    Unbelievable! “..the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is telling mothers to
    use commercial products in place of natural breast milk. “

  12. americadied1913 says:

    Death Panels have arrived at the VA Hospitals

  13. 38starman says:
  14. Ron Randazzo Jr says:

    CDC Report: Stop Breastfeeding and Vaccinate

  15. gazpipe916 says:

    CDC , center for death control

  16. Jerry Switzer says:


  17. takethegate says:

    People who receive money for their claims believe in throwing babies to
    stop the government combine from killing them. This is no different than a
    religious cult that sacrifice babies.

  18. ammer1010 says:

    if a mother eats packaged, processed, unnatural, gmo foods the baby’s
    immune system wont work either. there’s a lot of disinformation on this
    topic big surprise.

    btw “science” as it’s being referred to here describes a plutocratic regime
    composed of university, corporate and federal cartels who have billions
    invested in their own reputation, status and who doggedly defend it against
    actual science and at the cost of us all. 

  19. Michael J Freeman says:

    Nature versus science. What side are you on?

  20. mtnnoonan says:

    Hey Gary you look thinner then you did a month ago. Good job.

  21. wendy4ronpaul says:

    YT: Nullificationis the Rightful Remedy Jury Nullification=is works

  22. freeradiorevolution says:

    Great job!

  23. wendy4ronpaul says:

    Thank again….my 1st Grandchild on the way and so much for them to think
    about. Hopefully hear from the Experts and not from me might not sound like
    I am nagging…LOL….Yes Gary I noticed rightf away ‘Looking Good’

  24. John Smith says:
  25. OlGreyWolf58 says:

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