Careers In Law

Guest speaker Daniel Ichinaga discusses how he began his career as a lawyer and offers helpful advice to students considering a career in law. February 24, 2009.
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5 Responses

  1. Joseph Pellicer says:

    This is a great video. I’ve thought about pursuing law, so this is helpful.

  2. Cynergy Ergonomics says:

    I studied law!

  3. dig says:

    168 hours… you actually have 21.5 hours of free time; however, add the
    extra hours of extracurricular activities then you might have 1.5 hours of
    free time.

  4. Diane Burroughs says:

    Very nice discussion! Such lectures should always be documented for other
    people to watch!

  5. spacekait says:

    I know that at around the nine minute mark he tries to add up numbers that
    show how involved law school will be for a strudent and that’s supposed to
    sound discouraging or scary. I’ve noticed that when someone is trying to
    discourage others from doing something what they are warning others about
    is never as scary as they make it seem. It might be crappy, but most things
    in life are crappy, especially when a person has to work two minimum wage
    jobs just to get by like I have to.

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