Canon Lenses for Landscape Photography

Great images start with great lenses and in many ways a Digital SLR is defined by the quality, breadth and scope of its system of lenses. Canon EOS digital SLRs are backed up by the world’s…
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10 Responses

  1. Ramdas Aswale says:


  2. kartoosh monger says:


  3. Canon Australia says:

    Thanks for your comments, everyone – we will be taking onboard your
    feedback with regards to the video quality. Cheers.

  4. Billy Snowy says:

    Canon 10-22mm just worth it!!

  5. vnitto says:

    This images would be so much more compelling if the video wasn’t recorded
    in 360p.

  6. Bryce Thomas says:

    thankyou, it’s been ages since you’ve made these tutorials!

  7. Canon Australia says:

    Thanks Bryce – we hope you enjoy the tutorials. Don’t forget to share it
    with your friends. Cheers.

  8. Bryce Thomas says:

    would be nice in HD…

  9. Impact929 says:

    Nikon do it to

  10. otherstuffbybob says:

    From CANON??? Ummmm, I just bought a T4i…if I would have seen a CANON up
    load in 360p in 2012. I probaly would have bought a Nikon. Truly, I will
    never understand how a large world wide professional company specializing
    in photography can’t put out a video in 1080p and show off their best.

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