Canadian Doctor SAVAGES Senator On Healthcare

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  1. godonlyknows13 says:

    The truth about Canadian healthcare is it’s not perfect. It is flawed, no
    question about that. But you ask any Canadian, rich, poor, black, white,
    male, female, young, old, we’ll all tell you the same thing. Don’t even
    think about taking away our universal healthcare.

    We may have considered moving to a system that supports a pay option, but
    we never have and never will consider losing public health care altogether
    (and to date we are still a no-pay system). It’s as integral to us as
    woman’s right to vote; if you try to take it away there’ll be rioting in
    the street.

  2. Paulus Heebink says:

    smug shit eating grin on that senator. I love my country and the care I
    get for free.

  3. leerman22 says:

    The healing isn’t as rewarding as the PWNING!

  4. suvariboy says:

    Why are Republicans so stupid?

  5. Leo Roberts says:

    Why would anyone tout the worst healthcare system in the civilized world?
    Our system SUCKS, of course the senator thinks it’s great, his healthcare
    is paid for by US!!!! I wish they had to go out on the open market and
    shop, pay for it out of there salary like many of us do, then he might not
    think it’s so great! 

  6. van ban says:

    So many Yanks come up here to Canada and pretend to be Canadian to get
    treatment and pills, or if they are duel citizens they fly up here to have
    their kids. Fucking Yanks have the audacity to criticize our healthcare?
    Fuck off America. Take away California and New York city and all you got is
    a bunch of backwater states that suck. 

  7. Mark H says:

    I don’t think people get refused treatment in the USA.. they go to the
    Emergency rooms ad get good care at other peoples expense because they
    don’t pay .

  8. igorXdzaic says:

    Waiting times are due to the severity of the injury at hand. Head and
    spinal trauma takes precedence over my broken hand and foot any day. A
    woman in labor gets precedence over my broken rib that didn’t puncture any
    Some Canadian doctors go to the US to make more money in wealthier areas
    for wealthier companies like Google, etc.. It’s called logic. I’d rather
    wait and be covered, than not be able to go to the hospital because I don’t
    have insurance.

  9. MET-TECH LLC says:

    Like a boxer who drops his hands, he walked right into it.

  10. A2Kaid says:

    “Specifically, after crunching the numbers we estimated between 25,456 and
    63,090 Canadian women may have died as a result of increased wait times
    during this period. Large as this number is, it doesn’t even begin to
    quantify the possibility of increased disability and poorer quality of life
    as a result of protracted wait times.”

    Source: Huffington Post Canada


  11. Eve Millington says:

    Approximately 300 Canadians die each year while waiting for surgeries.
    That’s nothing to brag about, but if you make a comparison with the U.S.
    stats of 45,000 taking into account the population ratio of 10 to 1, we are
    still far better off than our American neighbours, in spite of their paying
    thousands more per year for health care.

  12. Tint Dynasty says:

    total ownage……I don’t care how ignorant this sound, but damn Americans
    are dumb as fuck. lol

  13. Joseph Scott says:

    According to the WHO, America is 37th in the world for healthcare, and
    Canada is 30th. Liberals, STOP GLAMORIZING OUR SYSTEM!!!! Given the fact
    that we have 0 bankruptcies because of healthcare costs, and that is a
    serious problem in America, the fact that we are not LEAPS AND BOUNDS above
    yours shows that a pure single player is not the option. This woman sounds
    well spoken, but full of shit.

  14. Adreana Langston says:

    This one has been sitting on my YouTube watch later list for ages. But it
    was worth waiting for… Junior Senator hoping to school the Canadian
    doctor on healthcare but gets schooled himself. Probably is due to
    cognitive dissonance he almost certainly believes she is wrong.

    The Canadian doctor also makes a great point about what happened in
    Australia when a tiered waiting list was introduced for those who wanted to
    pay privately. The wait times went up! However that should not be
    surprising for anyone who knows about queuing theory. It’s why banks and
    other enlightened stores have a single queue system. It minimizes the
    average wait time.

    What Australia did was take a fixed number of doctors, channeled a few of
    them out to a “private tier” and had them serve customers out of line.
    Works great for the few that can afford to pay, but overall the average
    wait time increases, so all those who didn’t pay actually end up worse off.
    This is obviously why Canada doesn’t want a second tier system unless
    people want to go outside of the country to do it and externalize the
    impact of their greed.

    Also note that she is careful to point out their wait time problem is for
    *elective* surgery. I.e. stuff you are choosing to get done, not stuff
    that is necessary and urgent, that you don’t elect to do.

  15. Ral Deform says:

    The US IS the 3rd world country of the west.

  16. Suzann Fulbright says:

    I would like to see the problem resolved by everyone taking good care of
    their health, such good care of our national health that few people will
    need our health care system and it goes so nearly bankrupt that its greed
    mongers become apologetic for abusing our health for profit.

  17. samuils says:

    Looks like she lied on both accounts. Talks about shortage of
    doctors if moved to private system, and the very reason for the longer
    period of wait times is due to shortage of doctors, not the fact of the
    system being parallel (private and public)

  18. Buzz Crooks says:

    I am a Canadian dealing with cancer. My cancer meds are completely paid
    for. Yes, I may pay higher taxes, but is it worth it? You damned right!

  19. John Roseborough says:

    thanks for your honesty

  20. jill ann says:


  21. x24videos says:

    I am so god damn sorry for this senator that I had no choice in electing. I
    am so sorry for living in NC.

  22. LCRHD LCRHD says:

    Canadian health care is excellent and I have never had any issues with wait
    times, ever. Quality of care is top notch. I have lived in Canada for 45
    years had many operations, and procedures done. This is the experience for
    99% of Canadians. It is paid for with taxes and the cost is close to what
    you would pay for private insurance in the USA . The big difference, our
    system covers everyone, has no restrictions and only a few things that
    aren’t covered. It’s great!

  23. cody newington says:

    I love your response to what she said great stuff from all your fans in

  24. mastertheillusion says:

    45,000 died waiting for healthcare..

    Well done Merica!

  25. Vito Novakovic says:

    Isn’t Greenland a part of Denmark? *(°-°)*/

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