Calling & Talking to Motivated sellers OVER THE PHONE, to buy their house cheap!

Calling & Talking to Motivated sellers OVER THE PHONE, to buy their house cheap! – Module 1 Add my to your Facebook: Search (My Real Estate Dojo)…
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9 Responses

  1. MyRealEstate DOJO says:

    “Goog Mail”, thanks you for your comment! I tell all “sellers” i want to
    buy their house, which is 100% truth. If the numbers or Terms are right,
    than I will buy their house/deal, therefore, I am “very interested” in all

    That said, you DO NOT want to sound “desperate”.

    These 2 ideas/things,
    (1)”very interested” and being
    (2) “desperate”

    In other words, “desperate” is being “NEEDY”. 

  2. JASON WILLIS says:

    I like your style and it is easier to talk to sellers once they like and
    respect you.

  3. MyRealEstate DOJO says:

    Calling & Talking to seller OVER THE PHONE to find real estate investment
    houses! – Module 1

  4. Ryan Bardes says:

    Appreciate you sharing ;)

  5. Mona Olivas says:

    Sorry…you lost me at “Report”. I’m sure you will probably EDIT this
    video with the accurate vocabulary…RAPPORT. 

  6. Mary Stead says:

    Your information was great, very uplifting and easy to understand. I am
    glad you explained this aspect, thank you

  7. goog mail says:

    Very good video with plenty of specifics and very detailed, I like your way
    of thinking about rapport because it is very true with everyone

  8. goog mail says:

    You contradicted yourself towards the end saying you are “very interested”
    in buying their property and how you “really” want to buy their property
    yet you said not to show any signs of being desperate at all and make it
    seem like you don’t really need their property.

  9. goog mail says:

    This video got me PUMPED, GONNA TALK TO SOME FSBO TODAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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