Calculating Duration on Financial Calculator

Calculating Duration on Financial Calculator

A demonstration on how to use the financial calculator to find a bond’s duration.

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25 Responses

  1. jake pena says:

    This was an amazing example. You explained it perfectly, thank you!

  2. Enrique Gomez says:

    Can you explain how to do it using convexity and an already known duration?

  3. mad66man says:

    thank you sooo much 

  4. JustinCase2270 says:

    Thanks! This is much clearer than the explanation in the book!

  5. frisbeeeater says:

    great video! thanks

  6. Jacobraj Benet says:

    Nice presentation

  7. mhtdaar says:

    how u find NPV for semi annual?

  8. PotentialEn3rgy says:

    Very useful!

  9. DrCPACFA says:

    Thanks so much!!!! Was able to follow along on my TI BAII Plus. Appreciate

  10. Natalie Salukvadze says:

    Thank you so much! Very quick and useful

  11. Unlock Basic says:

    thanks a lot……

  12. Scoops says:

    Fantastic thank you!

  13. tandoza says:

    very very useful, i have struggling for days to calculate duration…thank
    you very much!!

  14. MaxAime says:

    Very useful THANKS!!

  15. 19fas88 says:

    very useful; though i am using an hp 12c, it’s still applies

  16. wfdsafasd says:

    Very well done! Thank you

  17. lilJ says:

    omg thank you thank you thank you. if not for this, i was actually gonna
    have to write out the formula and plug numbers into the variables and type
    it all out on my calculator on my exam

  18. Adam N says:

    Why did you not account for the fact that most bond’s are calculated
    semi-annually, with semi-annual payments. in this case, PMT would be $30,
    with xP/YR entered as 3, instead of N as 3.

  19. Kevin B says:

    good stuff. Works with the 12c also.

  20. Sopon Detptitoonkul says:

    Thank You Save my life

  21. adanna joseph says:

    Thanks Dr Bhatnagar, I really couldn’t remember how we worked this out in

  22. Anpelmanau - Hapsai George says:

    thanks a lot thanks a lot man

  23. cenmuarakarang says:

    thankyou GONNA HAVE EXAM SOON!

  24. simongckiwi says:

    Thanks a lot, our finance textbooks don’t explain how to do this and I
    managed to teach our professor something new.

  25. 3errick says:


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