Buying a Lamborghini Gallardo – My Documentary

I’ll make another video answering questions soon, but here are my answers to some of the common questions I’m getting since posting this video: Q: What do you do for work? A: I own a marketing…
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25 Responses

  1. Angel I. Martinez says:

    Peter, can you tell me how tall you are? You seem to barely fit in the
    Gallardo from my point of view.

  2. StraightUpHippo says:

    My Dream Car is a GTR R32 <3

  3. ThatWSFanboy says:

    Starving kids in Africa could have eaten that Lamborghini!

  4. Davinci Barcelo says:

    this vid just brought a tear to my eye

  5. Vlad Putin says:

    how come you had to go all the way to Dallas? wasn’t there a Lamborghini
    dealer closer to you? was this because the specific year and model was only
    based in Dallas? congratulations on your success and realising your dream

  6. liam middleton says:

    my dream car is a V6 mustang

  7. DarkShadow64 says:

    Materialism at it’s best… Still congratulations bro :)

  8. legitimate man says:

    Im trying to build my own car….what is an legitimate company that can
    sketch and build it for me

  9. TEDDY DUANE says:

    i remember my first supercar purchase

  10. Andrew B. says:

    Good for you mate. I’m glad you enjoy it. I understand you. Thumbs UP from
    me. Please don’t let the haters get you down.

  11. jetliigor says:

    Why such a huge truck for 1 car? Did this truck have any other super-car
    deliveries prior to yours? 

  12. chevymuscle4life says:

    Awesome video man!! Congratulations

  13. Mohammed taha Khaif says:

    My dream car is a range rover 2014 vogue autobiography <3

  14. shadley swink says:

    This is gr8 I hope I can work as hard as you so I can get my dream car
    (Nissan gtr)

  15. KopperKid555 says:

    Ur parents must be proud

  16. Xo na says:

    This is awesome. I really felt the emotion. You guys live not too far away,
    so I appreciate how rare this car is in your area. (Curious what car your
    friend has that pulls so much attention?)

  17. deadcell1 says:

    Hard work pays off.. You deserve it man.. I hope your business continues to

  18. Francis Benjamin Nievera says:

    congrats +Peter Beattie’s Garage , you now have your dream car.
    i wish someday i can afford to buy my dream lambo. :)

  19. AISHAIKHU says:

    Congratulations…..may God lets you enjoy this for as long as you want.

  20. yousif alamri says:

    dreams come true now or later on
    I will buy one of these cars
    I accepted the challenge . I promise my self to be rich and have a great
    live .

  21. Scryd says:

    2004Model ?

  22. Bill Isaacs says:

    Good for you, Peter! It’s nice to see a young man who sees a dream come
    true, and is not ashamed of it the way so many people are these days. I
    enjoyed watching your reactions.

  23. Erob346 says:

    Good for you man! Always an amazing thing to fulfil a dream, no matter
    WHAT that dream is! CONGRATS!

  24. Phenom™ says:

    You still have it?

  25. Zak Hoyt says:

    Why did you get it from Dallas when you could have gone to New York or any
    other major city that’s way closer?

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